After Sandra Bland, more jail deaths in Texas, USA

This is called SANDRA BLAND Homegoing Service, Lisle, Illinois [VIDEO & PICS] (7/25/15).

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in England, 28 July 2015, about Texas in the USA:

Two dead in Houston Police custody in just eight days – two weeks after Sandra Bland jail suicide sparked controversy

Woman, 29, died behind bars after arrest for being drunk in public

A man with signs of mental distress died after officers restrained him

Sandra Bland was found hanging in her cell at Waller County Jail in the Greater Houston metro area on July 13 after three days in jail

Autopsy concludes suicide but Bland’s family say she would never have killed herself

TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING AT THIS UNDERSTAFFED TEXAS JAIL Understaffing, overcrowding and high correctional officer turnover rates have led to more inmate deaths per capita than most jails in the country. [Dana Liebelson and Ryan Reilly, HuffPost]

9 thoughts on “After Sandra Bland, more jail deaths in Texas, USA

  1. POLICE in the US city of Cleveland used pepper spray to disperse a crowd following a civil rights conference on Sunday.

    Website reported that the incident occurred after the closing of the Movement for Black Lives national conference at Cleveland State University on Sunday afternoon — itself called to draw attention to police brutality.

    Speakers at the conference included the father of Michael Brown, who was shot dead by police in Ferguson, Missouri, last year, the mother of Eric Garner, suffocated in a choke hold by New York police and the mother of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old Cleveland boy shot by police in 2014.

    After most delegates had left dozens still remained in the streets when officers from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) were seen arresting an allegedly intoxicated 14-year-old black youth on a bus.

    Delegate Yasmin Yonis posted photos of the arrest on Twitter, accusing police of waiting until the majority of attendees had left to “attack our people.” She added: “Our family resisting.”

    After the crowd surrounded the officers’ car and an ambulance in which the boy was being treated, one officer used his irritant pepper spray on protesters.

    The boy was eventually released into the care of his mother, to cheers of “we love you!” A video of the incident has circulated widely on the internet.

    A statement by the RTA said: “The crowd kept the police car from leaving the area. A transit police officer used a general burst of pepper spray in an attempt to push back the crowd, to no avail.”


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  3. UPDATE: Nearly half a million people have called on the Department of Justice to launch an independent investigation into the death of Sandra Bland–a 28 year-old Black woman who was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, violently arrested, and then found dead in police custody three days later. We’re delivering the petition to the Department of Justice TOMORROW, but we’re still missing your name. Can you add your voice today?

    This week, UltraViolet members are gathering in six different cities to demand justice for Sandra Bland. And at tomorrow’s delivery, we’re joining ColorofChange, MoveOn, MomsRising, and in Washington, D.C. to send the message loud and clear: Sandra Bland deserves justice. Your signature will make the moment more powerful. To truly know what happened to Sandra Bland, we need a full and independent accounting from the Justice Department.
    We need your signature for tomorrow’s delivery–add your name.

    Thanks for speaking out.

    –Nita and Shaunna

    P.S. Here is the original email we sent you on July 17th:

    Sandra Bland was driving from Illinois to Texas to start a new job at her alma mater. By all accounts she was thrilled at the opportunity.

    But that opportunity is gone, after a routine traffic stop Friday in Waller County, TX led to her death in a jail cell Monday morning.1

    And the local sheriff–who was fired in a different city for racist and violent conduct–claims Sandra killed herself. 2 But Sandra’s family and friends say that’s not possible. They are demanding answers but getting little help from local authorities. If left up to a racist sheriff, you can bet justice for Sandra and her family will be delayed–possibly forever.

    That’s why we need the Department of Justice to step in and investigate Sandra’s death. Can you sign the petition?

    Tell Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Waller County Police must be held accountable. Launch a federal investigation into the death of Sandra Bland.

    Sign the petition

    In the video, you can hear Sandra screaming, “You slammed my head into the ground. Do you not even care about that?”3 She was just about to start a new job in student outreach at her alma mater Prairie View A&M University. Her family and friends say she was excited about her new job, and describe her as “strong,” “outspoken,” and “passionate.” She was also a proud advocate against police violence and brutality. Her death is tragic.4

    Black women and men are 4.2 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than anyone else.5 From Natasha McKenna, Alexia Christian, and Sheneque Proctor, to Yvvette Smith and Rekia Boyd, the deaths of Black women at the hands of police–with no accountability–needs to be stopped.

    The police department is claiming she took her own life by hanging herself–but there were no shoestrings or blankets in her cell she could have used.6 And they’re refusing to release any video footage from that night. The police aren’t going to police themselves–that’s why we need the Department of Justice to launch a full investigation of Sandra’s death.

    Sandra Bland deserves justice, and as we’ve seen with cases like those of Renisha McBride and Marissa Alexander, justice often comes only after we all raise our voices loudly.7 When people demanded an investigation of Ferguson police, the Department of Justice found undeniable patterns of racism and violence, and they were held accountable.8 Together, with our friends at ColorofChange, we can make sure Waller County police are held accountable, and stem the tide of police violence against Black women.

    Will you add your name?

    Thanks for speaking out.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Gabriela, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Audine, Ryan, and Shannon, the UltraViolet team


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