Sandra Bland’s death in Texas in context

This 17 July 2015 video from the USA is called Outrage Grows After Mysterious Death of #BlackLivesMatter Activist Sandra Bland in Texas Jail.

On Saturday, hundreds of family members, friends and supporters attended the funeral of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old African American woman found hanged in a Waller County, Texas jail cell on July 13, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop. The funeral was held at her lifelong church, DuPage African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Lisle, Ill., outside Chicago. … At Bland’s funeral, her family upheld her character, while maintaining that she would never harm herself. The last speaker was Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, who emphatically declared, “That baby did not take herself out of here”: here.

Texas county where inmate [Sandra Bland] died has history of racial tension: here.

Texas County’s Racial Past Is Seen as Prelude to Sandra Bland’s Death: here.

Take a short glance back into the legacy of Waller County and it’s no wonder that by the time 28-year-old Sandra Bland’s body was recovered in a jail cell here, the public’s faith in its institutions was already long-compromised: here.

Sheriff Where Sandra Bland Died Says There’s No Racism In His County: here.

Hundreds attend Waller County prayer vigil for Sandra Bland: here.

Heartbreaking images from Sandra Bland’s funeral: here.

One More Reason Sandra Bland’s Jail Cell Death Is Unusual. Why people like Sandra Bland are among the least likely to resort to suicide in a jail cell: here.

Whatever the circumstances of Sandra Bland’s death, blood is on the hands of the police: here.

The official account of how a black Illinois woman ended up dead in a Texas jail doesn’t stack up, says KELLY SINCLAIR: here.

A Native American activist was recently arrested and found dead in jail under conditions very similar to those of Sandra Bland in Texas. Rexdale W. Henry, 53, was recently found dead inside the Neshoba County Jail in Philadelphia, Mississippi, on July 14th: here.

Documents obtained by the Intercept establish that the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been spying on Black Lives Matter protesters since anti-police-brutality protests erupted following the police killing of Michael Brown in August 2014: here.

A video has surfaced alleging to be from the hacktivist group Anonymous – and they’ve placed the blame for Sandra Bland’s death at the feet of the authorities: here.

Sandra Bland Laid to Rest; First Black Judge in Waller County Demands Sheriff Resign over Her Death: here.

8 thoughts on “Sandra Bland’s death in Texas in context

  1. It is unfortunate the conditions of the world in particular those who maintain power enforce have a disposition for violence and world wide oppression, although the sentiments of politicians are to rectify injustice and corruption and so on? is little more than verbal slogans of what they think the public want to hear, their is no serious intention to change for a world that is for the betterment of mankind.
    In the West the public are given from the politicians and local councils concerns for public safety such as pedestrian pavements and walkways should have no undue dangers such as protruberance, not long after this outburst by councils towards public safety concern soon became a sentiment of good intention, and lapsed into what it was as always other than fanciful paint of yellow spray can marks upon the pavement of possibility at the same time the production by the same society of a support of violent implements of killing military hardware, this dichotomy between concern for the public and violence is unable to bridge the chasm of discontent.


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