Sandra Bland died, update

This video, recorded in the USA, says about itself:

Conflicting evidence emerges over the death of Sandra Bland

21 July 2015

The Waller County Sheriff’s Department has released more video of the hours before activist Sandra Bland was found dead in her prison cell following a traffic violation arrest. However, the new footage does not add more to clarity to Bland’s case, and activists and family members are demanding an investigation from the Department of Justice to find answers. Anya Parampil speaks with Michael Hardy, general counsel of the National Action Network, to get an in-depth understanding of this legal situation.

Texas Trooper Had No Right to Ask Sandra Bland to Put Out Her Cigarette. There was nothing lawful about Trooper Encinia’s order: here.

Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland abused his authority: here.

Sandra Bland’s Arrest Was So Messed Up, Even Fox News Sees It: here.

Questions Linger After Texas Police Release Sandra Bland Arrest Video: here.

The traffic stop [of Sandra Bland] alone speaks to something black Americans, and minorities generally, have been arguing for decades: when it comes to dealing with the police, only white people are allowed to assert their Constitutional rights: here.

A Texas TV station says it has obtained a voicemail from a call Sandra Bland made from jail in which she told a friend that she couldn’t believe what was happening to her: here.

Sandra Bland and the Long History of Racism in Waller County, Texas: here.

Texas jail where Sandra Bland died has been cited at least five times since 2009: here.

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