Investigate ISIS activities in Turkey, MP asks

This video from Turkey says about itself:

1250 wounded ISIS terrorists were hospitalized in Turkey

17 November 2014

Many Turkish physicians and nurses are disgruntled and tired of treating savage Islamist terrorists who are responsible for ultimate brutality and horrible bloodshed in Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

From ANF news agency in Turkey:

HDP submits resolution for the investigation of ‘ISIS activities’ in Turkey

Friday, July 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM

HDP Urfa Parliamentarian Ziya Çalışkan offered a resolution for the investigation of ISIS activities and actions in Turkey.

In his resolution, Çalışkan stated that it has been a necessity to investigate the activities, mobilization efforts, and actions of the terrorist organization ISIS in Turkey. Çalışkan emphasized that the elimination of the murderer gangs had critical importance for the peace, security and well being of Turkey.


Çalışkan touched upon the Suruç massacre and said that the heinous ISIS attack was intertwined with the Turkish state’s policies on Syria. Çalışkan stated that these policies deepen the bloodbath in Syria, make the chaos in the region less predictable and distance Turkey from peace. Noting that Suruç massacre would not be the last ISIS attack, Çalışkan recalled the public criticism of media outlets’ portrayal of ISIS as excusable. Çalışkan said that ISIS activities in Turkey have either been ignored or seen as mundane events, which encouraged the gangs’ actions. Çalışkan emphasized that the government’s defense against ISIS over the past 3 years have been centered around the view that ISIS was not a threat for Turkey.


In his resolution, Çalışkan reminded the ISIS attacks in Hatay’s Reyhanlı district (11 May 2013), Niğde (20 March 2014), Mosul Consulate (11 June 2014), Süleyman Şah Tomb (1 October 2014), İstanbul’s Sultanahmet neighborhood (6 January 2015), Süleyman Şah Tomb (22 February 2015), HDP Adana and Mersin headquarters (18 May 2015), and HDP Diyarbakır rally (5 June 2015). Finally, Çalışkan stated that it was inevitable for civilian politics and the parliament to settle old scores with the terrorist organization ISIS that is trying to draw Turkey into the bloodbath and civil war in Syria.

The interim Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, led by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, has put much of southeastern Turkey under de facto martial law, and is escalating its military operations against the Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and Syria in the name of combatting “terrorism.” It is whipping up a climate of fear and intimidation that threatens to spiral out of control: here.
ISIS terrorist on Turkish beach: here.

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