18 thoughts on “Mitsubishi apology to forced labourers, now that most are dead

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  2. Makes you wonder that when the full horror comes out of what is being done to the sick and unemployed via ‘forced labour’ in the UK, whether them and their families will get an ‘apology’, especially those families where people have died either due to the stress of having their incomes taken, those who were forced onto workfare who weren’t fit enough, and people who have committed suicide due to forced labour.

    One can only hope that history will clearly demonstrate this, but this damaging policy should be dealt with before any more innocent people die. Some can barely afford to eat, and have even collapsed whilst on these programmes. This is barbaric.


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  9. Thursday 2nd June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    JAPANESE corporation Mitsubishi Materials finally agreed a settlement yesterday with Chinese people forced to slave for the group during Japan’s World War II invasion.

    The company, a core member of the Mitsubishi Group, signed a deal with three former forced labourers representing more than 3,000 victims of the firm.

    During the second world war, Japan deported tens of thousands of Chinese citizens to provide slave labour for its own economy. The victims covered by the settlement had to mine coal for the company.

    Mitsubishi will pay 100,000 yuan (£10,600) to each Chinese victim and their families. If every victim is identified, the company’s bill will hit 370 million yuan (£39m).

    “World War II ended 70 years ago. Our forced labour case has today finally come to a resolution. This is a big victory,” victim Yan Yucheng said.

    But lawyer Kang Jian said the firm “did it not for reconciliation but to relieve pressure on the Japanese government.”



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