Oak processionary caterpillar problems worse by zero-hours contracts

This video is about oak processionary moth caterpillars leaving their nest in a tree.

Oak processionary caterpillars’ hairs inflict burns on people. This year, the hotter than usually summer aggravates this problem in the Netherlands.

Dutch authorities contract out fighting the oak processionary caterpillars to private companies.

On 19 July 2015, Dutch daily Metro reported that these companies hire mainly east European foreign workers on zero-hours contracts for this work. These workers often don’t get education to do the work, get no, or too little, necessary protective clothing, etc.

As a consequence, the health of these workers suffers. And not only the health of these workers: the rented minivans in which they go to work may get full of caterpillars’ hairs, which may inflict burns on the next people riding in these vans; on pets; etc.

15 thoughts on “Oak processionary caterpillar problems worse by zero-hours contracts

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