British, US teargas against Egyptian democrats

Protester in January 2011 in Egypt displays US-made tear gas canisters (Photo: Reuters)

From daily The Guardian in Britain, 21 November 2011:

US firm’s teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters

Egypt’s military junta fired CS gas cartridges made by Combined Systems Inc of Pennsylvania, say demonstrators

From daily Al Ahram in Egypt, 24 November 2011:

Gassing the revolution: The US origins of Tahrir’s tears

The liberal use of US-manufactured tear gas on protesters in recent days has raised questions about its public health effects – and who is actually ordering its use

A British corporation, Chemring Defense, linked to the ruling Conservative party, provides gas used by the Egyptian military junta against pro-democracy demonstrators at Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere: here.

4 December 2011: CAIRO: A new report published by the British newspaper The Independent revealed that a UK-based company, Chemring Defense, supplied the Egyptian ministry of interior and the military with CS Gas used on protesters last month in downtown Cairo and across the country.

Korean solidarity demonstration with Egyptian democrats: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 7 December 2011 :

A swelling crowd of tens of thousands filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square today to intensify pressure on Egypt’s junta to hand over power to a civilian government.

Egypt junta’s gas damages health: here. And here.

Video: Egyptian protesters treat wounded: here.

The US-backed military junta in Egypt carried out a violent crackdown on protesters this weekend, killing several and injuring over 700: here.

Egyptian workers fight for minimum wage: here.

International trade unions against Egyptian rulers: here.

Egyptian women on elections: here.

Occupying Wall Street and Tahrir Square: Feathers of the Same Bird. J.A. Myerson, Truthout: “As images rolled in this week of the Egyptian authorities’ assault on protesters in Tahrir Square, observers in the United States could not escape thoughts of the official violence that had very recently been wrought on Wall Street occupiers … around the country. Civilians beaten with clubs, dragged by their hair, subject to tear gas, watching their tents demolished … all that spoke well of and distinguished American police was their death toll of zero”: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Protesters bombarded by US-made gas canisters

Thursday 30 June 2011

Two days of street battles in Cairo between protesters, police and the armed forces have left over 1,000 people injured.

Clashes began on Tuesday when police violently stopped around 100 people from attending a memorial service for those killed in the uprising which overthrew US-backed despot Hosni Mubarak.

Thousands more joined the protest in response to the police’s tactics.

“When I saw that, I didn’t care. I joined the protesters,” 27-year-old Ihab el-Manharawi told reporters. “People have changed, but they haven’t.”

The crowd then marched on the state television building and the Interior Ministry, chanting: “The people want to oust the field marshal” – a reference to Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which now rules the country.

By late afternoon the army had taken over from riot police, attacking protesters with tear gas and bullets, according to Amnesty International.

Gas canisters recovered by protesters were stamped: “Made in USA.”

See also here.

USA repeatedly shipped arms to Egyptian security forces despite abuses: here.

August 2015: USA: BEHIND THE THAW WITH THE EGYPTIAN REGIME John Kerry’s meeting with top Egyptian officials follows the recent sale of a “sophisticated, military-grade mobile surveillance system” to the country. [Akbar Ahmed, Ali Watkins and Sophia Jones, HuffPost]

Greece: Amnesty has called on riot police not to use excessive force against protesters in the wake of clashes in Athens that left more than 300 people injured and at least 33 hospitalised: here.

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