Shoveler ducks wintering in Utah, USA, from where?

This is a northern shoveler video.

From The Wilson Journal of Ornithology in the USA:

Breeding origins of Northern Shovelers (Anas Clypeata) wintering on the Great Salt Lake, Utah

Anthony J. Roberts, and Michael R. Conover


The breeding origin and migratory connectivity of wintering birds are important to address how population changes on wintering areas are impacted by changes elsewhere in the birds’ annual cycle. In addition, identifying important point sources of nutrients used throughout the annual cycle can assist managers in identifying sources of toxins or pathogens.

We used stable hydrogen isotope ratios to identify breeding locations of Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata; henceforth shoveler) wintering at the Great Salt Lake (GSL), Utah. Stable-isotope likelihood-based assignment placed the largest number of shovelers collected during winter on the GSL as breeding in the western US and southern Canada, similar to a small sample size of banding records.

Shovelers wintering on the GSL generally did not breed locally or at the northern extent of their breeding range, rather wintering shovelers came from across their nesting range.

10 thoughts on “Shoveler ducks wintering in Utah, USA, from where?

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