Bahrain pro-democracy woman stops dictatorship’s police, 2011

Bahrain woman stops police

1 December 2011. During a protest in Bahrain on Saturday, an American journalist named Matthew Cassel reported on Twitter that he had just witnessed something remarkable: a lone female protester who refused to move as police officers in riot gear charged past her, firing tear gas shells just a few feet from her head: here.

Bahrain: Twitter User Jailed for 66 Days for Tweeting: here.

15 July 2015: Bahraini rights defender Nabeel Rajab released; many others still unjustly imprisoned: here.

15 July 2015: ‘I will continue tweeting, I will continue criticizing’ – Bahrain activist Nabeel Rajab: here.

3 thoughts on “Bahrain pro-democracy woman stops dictatorship’s police, 2011

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