Bahrain human rights violations investigation

This August 2011 video about Bahrain says about itself:

Open Letter to Bassiouni

The Bahraini people have a prima facie case against the Al Khalifa monarchy. The widespread claims of torture and public human rights reports show the monarchy knew about widespread torture and refused to stop it for months.

Letters between Nabeel Rajab and Cherif Bassiouni: here.

In November 2011, the Bassiouni commission, established by the king of Bahrain, published a report, admitting there was torture and other grave human rights violations in Bahrain. It also refuted Bahraini regime propaganda that the Bahraini pro-democracy movement were supposedly tools of the government of Iran.

See also here.

However, there were serious limitations in the commission report.

United States arms sales to Bahrain: here.

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