British government stops its fox hunting plans

This 12 July 2015 video from Britain is called Fox Hunting Ban Explained.

Today, it turned out that the British Conservative Cameron government did not dare to have a vote on their plans to lift the fox hunting ban, as they probably would have lost that vote.

British daily The Guardian writes:

5m ago 11:57

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s leader at Westminster, has put out a statement about the government’s decision to pull the vote on hunting. He says this is the fourth issue on which the SNP has forced the government to back down.

“This is the fourth issue where the SNP group have led the opposition in forcing the Tories into backing down – stopping the EU referendum being on the same day as the Scottish parliament election, getting any moves to repeal the Human Rights Act kicked into the long grass, the debacle of the government having to abandon last week’s vote on English Votes for English Laws, and now stopping this week’s vote to relax the fox hunting ban in England and Wales.

This is another powerful reminder of just how fragile the Tories’ majority is – on these four issues it was non-existent, they were staring defeat in the face, and there will be more such issues.”

He also urged the government to talk to the SNP about English votes for English laws.

“And on the issue of Evel, the UK government should respond positively to the First Minister’s letter and agree to sensible discussions on the basis of mutual respect – rather than laying down the law to make Scotland’s representation at Westminster second class.”

And he urged Labour to vote with the SNP against the welfare bill next week.

“The SNP group are delivering on our pledge to help deliver progressive politics across the UK. We were fully prepared to vote with Labour to stop harm being done to foxes in England and Wales – Labour should now commit to voting with the SNP next week against harm being done to people by the Tories’ cruel welfare cuts.”

12 thoughts on “British government stops its fox hunting plans

  1. RELATIVES of the victims of the 1971 Ballymurphy massacre in Northern Ireland by British troops accused Westminster yesterday of being more interested in legalising fox hunting than in justice.

    A fresh inquest is being held into the deaths, but relatives are unhappy at the length of time government organisations are taking to disclose files to the coroner’s court.

    John Teggart, whose father Danny was among 10 people shot dead during the attack by British toops, said: “The British government, made up of millionaires, is more interested in bringing back fox hunting than they are at bringing justice and truth to our families.”

    Politicians in the Irish republic are preparing to debate a motion calling for a British public inquiry into the massacre and support for the families.

    Communist Party of Ireland leader Eugene McCartan said: “The CPI has always supported the efforts by relatives and communities in their campaigns seeking justice and accountability from the British government for the actions of its armed forces.”


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