British anti-fox hunting demonstrators win, photos

Anti-fox hunting demonstrators in London today

As this blog reported today, the British Conservative government today stopped a vote on its plans to legalize fox hunting; because the plans probably would have been defeated in parliament. Outside Parliament, many people demonstrated against fox hunting, as these photos, from NOS TV in the Netherlands, show.

Anti-fox hunting demonstration in London today

Anti-fox hunting activists in London today

Realistic anti-fox hunting activist in London today

Realistic anti-fox hunting activists in London today

Outfoxed! How Britain’s most divisive animal lived to fight another day: here. And here.

Two huntsmen from the Scottish Borders have been found guilty of breaching fox-hunting law. It is the first conviction of a traditional fox hunt under legislation introduced in Scotland in 2002: here.

16 thoughts on “British anti-fox hunting demonstrators win, photos

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  12. Monday 21st August 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    HUNTS on National Trust land could be banned later this year after a successful lobby by campaigners.

    The League Against Cruel Sports supported charity members to submit a motion barring hunts from huge parts of England and Wales to the trust’s AGM in October.

    Last year the trust granted 79 licences to hunts after claiming they are “trail hunts” that do not involve the chasing and killing of live animals.

    League Against Cruel Sports acting chief executive Philippa King said: “This could be a landmark moment.

    “The National Trust is a treasured institution which does wonderful work, but it has allowed itself to be embarrassed by the hunting fraternity.

    “The reasons hunts give to justify being on National Trust land have been shown time and time again to be mere excuses covering up illegal hunting.”

    She said National Trust members don’t want animals being chased and killed on the land they love.

    Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, a National Trust member, said: “The evidence is clear that the given title of ‘trail hunting’ is a sham.

    “These hunts are still killing foxes, hares and stags — and they are being allowed to do so on National Trust land.

    “Hunting is despicable, cruel and has no justification in modern Britain. If the National Trust want to truly preserve and protect our environment, they need to stop condoning hunting, in any guise immediately.”


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