Moroccan women not convicted for wearing miniskirts

Moroccan women demonstrate for the right to wear miniskirts

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

No punishment for wearing miniskirt in Morocco

Today, 14:18

Two young women who were prosecuted because they wore miniskirts in Morocco at a market have been acquitted. The judge found that they have committed no offense. The prosecutor had already called for acquittal.

The women of 23 and 26 years old were harrassed in the town Inezgane by two boys. They thought, like some market vendors, that the women behaved immorally by their way of dressing. When the women called the police, not their assailants were arrested, but they themselves.

The arrest sparked uproar in Morocco. In several cities, people took to the streets to demonstrate for more freedom. Men and women put photos on the Internet of themselves in skirts. They called the persecution of the women an attack on individual freedom and gender equality.

The public prosecution department will now consider whether they will prosecute the two boys for assault.

See also here.

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  2. Strike call by Moroccan trade unions

    Following a meeting between Morocco’s main unions in Casablanca, they announced a 24-hour strike next Tuesday. The four unions are the Moroccan Labour Union (UMT), the Democratic Labour Confederation (CDT), the General Union of Morocco’s Workers (UGTM) and the Democratic Labour Federation (FDT).

    The strike call is over the government’s austerity plans, including pension “reforms” and its refusal to enter into negotiations with the trade union bodies.


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