British Blairites unwelcome at Durham Miners’ Gala

This video from England is called Jeremy Corbyn Speech At The Durham Miners’ Gala 11/7/2015.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Rightwingers’ bid to get on platform

Monday 13th July 2015

Labour leadership hopefuls ‘all rang up for speaker slot’

LABOUR leadership candidates “who wouldn’t touch workers with a bargepole” tried to muscle their way onto the Durham Miners’ Gala platform at the last minute, the Morning Star can reveal.

Organisers invited only Jeremy Corbyn and deputy hopeful Tom Watson to address the crowd as both had been nominated by the Durham Miners Association for the top jobs.

But rivals Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper, who support continuing with a degree of Tory austerity and renewing Britain’s nuclear weapons, turned up anyway.

The Star has learnt that Mr Burnham’s advisers confronted organisers and asked if he could be a late addition to the running. After a last-minute meeting, the request was refused.

Mr Burnham had previously snubbed an approach from the National Union of Mineworkers asking if he would be willing to speak, a senior party source said.

Durham Miners Association general secretary David Hopper told the assembly he was “sick to death of people who wouldn’t touch us with a bargepole phoning us asking to speak.”

All remaining candidates reportedly made such requests.

“As long as I’m general secretary of this union, there’ll be no rightwingers here,” Mr Hopper said.

“They need never pick up the phone again.”

Mr Hopper later told the Star there had been significant “pressure applied” by the candidates’ camps.

“The miners took a decision to support Tom Watson … and Jeremy Corbyn, who has a long history of supporting causes close to our hearts,” he said.

Mr Corbyn said speaking at the rally was “the greatest honour of my life.”

“It’s the duty and responsibility of whoever leads the unions and the Labour Party to be at the gala to show our support to those we are supposed to represent,” he said.

He paid tribute to the leading role played by miners in struggles throughout history.

“When we look at our NHS and the principles of the welfare state, it’s on (the miners’) shoulders it was built,” he said.

When an aide of Ms Cooper approached the miners’ association with a request for their boss to speak, they were reportedly told by an organiser: “If you swim across that river, underwater, right to the other side and you come up alive … you still won’t get an invite to the Durham Miners’ Gala.”

18 thoughts on “British Blairites unwelcome at Durham Miners’ Gala

  1. AN UNEXPECTED “guest” arrived at Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday — the rotting remains of Margaret Thatcher in a coffin.

    And the coffin will be wheeled out — literally, it is on wheels — at future galas as a reminder of the lasting hatred felt towards the woman responsible for the destruction of Britain’s deep-mined coal industry.

    The coffin was made by ex-miner Mick Woods, who worked at South Yorkshire’s Manvers Main colliery which was shut by the Tories in 1988. Later he worked at Kellingley in Yorkshire, Britain’s last operating pit.

    Mick was involved in organising the funeral pyre lit at Goldthorpe in South Yorkshire on the day of Thatcher’s funeral, April 17 2013.

    He’s proud of that.

    “Film of that went around the world,” he said.

    But he wanted to create a more permanent “memorial” to the Tory PM, so he built an open-topped coffin containing an effigy of her, gruesomely rotting away.

    He mounted one end of the coffin on wheels so that it can be pushed around wheelbarrow-style.

    The coffin bears words such as “scab” and “milk snatcher” — Thatcher abolished free school milk as education secretary under Edward Heath.

    On Saturday it was in the front rank of the thousands-strong audience before the speakers’ platform in the gala field.

    It was Mick’s first Durham Miners’ Gala.

    “I wanted to make a derogatory comment dragging her down to the bowels of hell,” he said, as ex-miners queued to be photographed with the coffin.

    “I’ll be back with it next year.”


  2. by Luke James in Britain

    ONE of Britain’s biggest bookmakers revealed yesterday that it will lose upwards of £100,000 if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership.

    Labrokes is braced for huge losses if surging support for the left candidate sees him complete a turnaround from 150/1 outsider to winner.

    A spokesman told the Star: “If he was to actually become the next Labour leader, he’s the one that would actually lose us the most money by quite some way.

    “It would probably cost us £100,000, if not maybe more.”

    Yesterday, Ladbrokes became the fourth bookie to slash its odds on Mr Corbyn being elected Labour leader on September 12.

    The Islington North MP is now a 7/1 shot — leaving his chances of victory the same as those of Blairite candidate Liz Kendall.

    Andy Burnham remains the 8/11 favourite, while Yvette Cooper is a close second at 5/2.

    The latest cut to Mr Corbyn’s odds reflects him being “the candidate with the real momentum,” according to the Ladbrokes spokesman.

    But he added: “Exactly the opposite of that can be said about Liz Kendall. She was actually at one point looking like she might be a clear second favourite. She’s now really, really unpopular and, as such, we’ve had to keep offering bigger odds to tempt people into coming back.”

    Mr Corbyn is also leading when it comes to nominations from constituency Labour parties, with 36 compared to Ms Kendall’s mere five.

    And among the constituency parties backing Mr Corbyn is Ashfield, represented by Gloria De Piero, a high-profile supporter of Ms Kendall.

    He is also ahead of Yvette Cooper on 28 and only 10 behind Andy Burnham on 46.


  3. by Luke James in Britain

    LABOUR’S acting leader Harriet Harman faced a backlash last night from MPs who are furious over her support for Tory cuts to child tax credit.

    Three of the party’s four leadership contenders criticised the controversial position and vowed to oppose the cuts if elected.

    Ms Harman’s comments on Sunday set up an explosive weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

    She announced on TV — without consulting MPs or members — that the party would back proposals in George Osborne’s Budget to limit child tax credits to two children.

    Ms Harman attempted to moderate her position ahead of last night’s meeting, saying Labour would vote today against the Budget as a whole.

    But a large number of MPs were set to tell Ms Harman last night to reverse her stance or face a mass rebellion.

    “I don’t believe the Labour Party can support welfare measures that will force tens of thousands of children into poverty,” MP Diane Abbott told Radio 4 before the meeting.

    “Harriet is always very open and democratic as a politician.

    “I’m sure, when she meets us, we will arrive at a conclusion that reflects the views of party members.”

    Earlier, in the day, a live televised leadership hustings was dominated by the row.

    Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper came out against the cap on child tax credit during the debate on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show.

    Only Liz Kendall supported Ms Harman, claiming that voters “didn’t trust us and we have to change as a party or we’ll get the same result.”

    But Mr Corbyn warned the cuts are “completely contrary to the principles of the rights of all children to be treated fairly and equally — and actually against the convention of the rights of a child.”

    Ms Cooper also hit back, saying: “ We can be credible and say we’re going to oppose the things the Tories are doing that are going to hit work, hit people’s incentives to work and families.”

    Mr Burnham added: “We should oppose those changes. That’s how Labour makes itself relevant — if it gets up and speaks for people.”

    Labour’s left-wing rivals also seized on the row. Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards said it showed the party was “already failing in opposition.”


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