Bahraini dictatorship’s oppression continues

This March 2011 video is called Wife of Arrested Bahrain Opposition Leader, Ibrahim Sharif, Calls for Dialogue.

By Faten Busheri:

Bahraini Political Leader Ibrahim Sharif Arrested Again

12 July 2015 12:06 GMT

Ibrahim Sharif, the Secretary General of the National Democratic Action Society (WAAD), a Bahraini leftist political party, was arrested on July 11 a mere three weeks after his release from a sentence government critics say was politically motivated.

According to WAAD’s statement, several police cars surrounded Sharif’s house at 2:30 am and took him to Muharraq police station.

Bahrain Arrests Opposition Leader Freed Less Than Month Ago: here.

DUBAI – Bahrain has arrested a prominent Sunni Muslim opposition leader three weeks after he was freed from jail for plotting to overthrow the monarchy, the interior ministry said on Sunday. Ibrahim Sharif, former head of the secular National Democratic Action Society, or Waad, was detained for incitement to overthrow the government and publicising “hatred of the regime” in a speech on July 10, a ministry statement carried on the official Bahrain News Agency said. Sharif was freed by royal pardon on June 19 after serving more than four years in prison for his role in an uprising demanding political reforms in the Gulf Arab island monarchy. He was Waad leader at the time of his arrest in March 2011: here.

WikiLeaks show that Hacking Team was selling its products to nations with records of human rights abuses, including Ethiopia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Azerbaijan: here.

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