Aruba march for Mitch Henriquez, killed by The Hague police

Aruba march for Mitch Henriquez, killed by The Hague police

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Mitch Henriquez, bury him first, then justice’

Today, 03:36

By correspondent Dick Drayer

In Aruba a silent march has been held for Mitch Henriquez, the man who ten days ago was killed after a brutal arrest in The Hague. The march was held immediately after the arrival of the man’s body at the airport. …

Most people wear a T-shirt with a portrait of Mitch, a raised fist in the colours of the Aruban flag and the words “Rest in Peace” written above scales. The shirts were created by the action group #JusticeForMitchHenriquez. Which was founded by friends of the deceased detainee.

The procession is led by Mitch’s mother, Maria. She does not walk itself, but sits in a support car, says Tito Lacle of the news site NoticiaCla. The mother is visibly broken. In the chapel there are another thirty people in T-shirts. There, Maria bursts into tears. “Look at my mother: broken, broken,” said Lila, a sister of Mitch.

Lila took the floor and thanked those present for their attendance and for their support, here in Aruba and before that in the Netherlands. “For us now, the priority is the funeral. It’s time to bury my brother. Then we will seek justice. That will be a new stage. We now ask for support and also ask for respect to mourn the huge loss in the family. ”

Mitch Henriquez will be buried in Aruba tomorrow afternoon.

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