Save Australian Great Barrier Reef coral

This video says about itself:

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef | beautiful underwater nature | Scuba Diving the Ribbon Reefs HD

The Ribbon Reefs are a string of ten large reefs that together form the outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. One feature of the Ribbons is that they serve to shelter the inner reef from big storm damage.

The Ribbon Reefs are home to some of the GBR’s most popular dive sites. “Steve’s Bommie”, “Lighthouse Bommie” and “Cod Hole” are among the best known. But there are also other more recently discovered sites that were real standouts on our recent expedition (June 2011).

The Great Barrier Reef‘s table coral provides vital shade for passing fish. Read more here.

6 thoughts on “Save Australian Great Barrier Reef coral

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