Margaret Thatcher: Saudi oil first, opposing anti-Semitism a poor second

This video is called Saudi beating his Bangladeshi worker for using the phone.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thatcher files: Anti-semitism trumped by oil cash for Maggie

Friday 3rd July 2015

FOREIGN Office officials reacted with fury to Margaret Thatcher’s insistence on placating the Saudi regime after Riyadh lodged a complaint over a report by the BBC, National Archives files show.

The row broke out in September 1983 when the BBC World Service reported that Iranian citizens on the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca had been mistreated and imprisoned by the Saudi authorities.

The Saudi Ministry of Information linked the report to the appointment of Stuart Young, who was Jewish, as the new BBC board of governors’ chair.

Then foreign secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe cabled the British embassy in Riyadh, saying: “The nonsense about Stuart Young needs to be knocked on the head in some way.”

But Thatcher’s private secretary John Coles wrote: “We are disturbed at this misreporting of this incident and that we are sorry that it occurred.”

27 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher: Saudi oil first, opposing anti-Semitism a poor second

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