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This video from Britain says about itself:

1 April 2014

Remembering the 30th Anniversary of the miners’ great strike for jobs in the year of 84/85. A dedication to the men and women who fought not only for the right to work but in the pursuit of a better future, committed themselves to selfless determination in their fight to save their industry and ultimately their communities.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Welsh language hurt by pit closures

Thursday 25th June 2015

THE WELSH language has been a long-term casualty of coal-mine closures, according to new documentary on the 1984-85 miners’ strike, writes Luke James.

The claim is made in the latest of a season of documentaries about the strike made by Welsh-language television channel S4C to mark the 30th anniversary of the dispute.

In the programme, to be broadcast next Tuesday, actor and miner’s son Dafydd Hywel examines the impact of pit closures on Welsh communities.

One supporter of the strike interviewed, Mari Gordon, says the lack of work had damaged every element of society in coalfield communities, including the language.

She explains: “The coalmines, the churches and the pubs — when you take those things away from people, you take away the reasons for which these communities exist.

“The people who have grown up in these places going to church and sending their children to the Welsh schools — they have to move to somewhere else to find work. And the language goes with them.”

Her comments come after the 2011 census showed a decline in the number of Welsh speakers, dubbed a “crisis” by the Welsh Language Society.

This video from England says about itself:

Speeches and Brass Bands on 13th July 2013 – At the 129th Durham Miners Gala

Dedicated to the memory of Dave Guy, 1946 – 2012

STARRING Women Against Pit Closures, Many Colliery Brass Bands, Owen Jones Journalist and Author, Ricky Tomlinson Shrewsbury Picket & Actor, Frances O’Grady General Sec TUC, & Bob Crow – General Sec RMT

Plus Tens Thousands of Extras.

Trade Unionists urge financial support to keep Durham Miner’s Gala going

Please donate to the Gala by visiting

Also from the Morning Star:

Durham miners ‘will back action on railways

Thursday 25th June 2015

DURHAM miners’ leader Davey Hopper pledged yesterday that rail workers would have the support of former miners and their communities in forthcoming industrial battles.

In a stirring speech to the annual RMT conference in Newcastle, he said the last three deep coalmines in Britain face closure this year.

Noting that RMT’s own industry is under attack, Mr Hopper said: “You have a hell of a battle on your hands. They are looking for you. They are looking for you because you are unionised and they hate unions.

“I hope you win and I hope you will be united. Don’t be isolated like the miners were,” he said, referring to the epic 1984-85 miners’ strike against pit closures.

“There are not many miners left, but we still have influence in our communities and we will support you.

“The miners will not be found wanting — what is left of them. Our communities will not be found wanting.”

Mr Hopper launched a damning attack on the Labour Party, arguing that it had to be taken back to its original role of representing the interests of the working class.

He said thousands of former miners and their families would be taking out the £3 “supporter” category of Labour Party membership to vote for left-wing leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

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