7 thoughts on “London solidarity with Greece

  1. TALKS on a Greek credit bailout ended in Brussels yesterday without agreement as creditors continued to reject Greek proposals for [big business] tax rises to pay debts.

    Before the meeting of the 19 eurozone states, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece had “not moved, rather moved backward, and so I am not very confident for our meeting today.”

    Creditors remain adamant that Greece must make swingeing austerity “reforms” on top of previous cuts that have already crippled the country’s economy.

    Greece has a €1.6 billion (£1.1bn) instalment to pay on Tuesday which it cannot afford unless the creditors unlock €7.2bn (£5.1bn) in bailout money.

    Syriza party parliamentary spokesman Nikos Filis said: “The effort to restore exhausting measures shows the blackmail and pressure against Greece is culminating.”

    The Greek Communist Party will hold rallies across the country today calling for an end to austerity and an exit from the EU.

    Negotiations will resume tomorrow.



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