Dutch bosses’ anti-immigrants discrimination

This video says about itself:

Rajdey Dookhansing – Hindustani immigrant from India in Suriname

Kantraki Rajdey Dookhansing (born in 1890 near Ayodhya, India) was a teenager and came from India as a contractor to work for one of the Dutch plantation owners in Suriname, South America. At the age of 89 she was interviewed by Eugene Ramdin for a Surinamese television program on June 4, 1979. The first immigrants/contractors from India came to Suriname on June 4, 1873.

Dutch NOS TV reports today about bosses in The Hague city.

It turns out that The Hague employers do hardly anything to promote diversity in their workforce. Also if people of immigrant ancestry, applying for jobs, have more working experience, then bosses will still hire ‘autochthonous’ people with less experience.

During research on behalf of the The Hague city authorities, investigators wrote over 500 letters to businesses which had announced vacancies; as if applying for jobs. They did this in more or less the same way as a London Muslim teacher, who recently wrote two letters to a school applying for a teaching job. The two letters had exactly the same information. However, one letter was written, signed with the teacher’s real name, Hamid Mahmood. Hamid Mahmood signed the other letter as ‘Harry Mason’. The Hamid Mahmood letter did not lead to an invitation for a job interview. The ‘Harry Mason’ letter did.

Some of the The Hague letters were signed with ‘white’ sounding Dutch names, like Jeroen Visser. 34% of these ‘white’ letters led to invitations for job interviews.

Other letters were signed with names, suggesting that authors were of Indo-Surinamese ancestry (Indo-Surinamese are the biggest immigrant group in the Hague); names like Arun Sital. Only 23% of these ‘Hindi sounding’ letters led to invitations for job interviews.

Still other letters were signed with names like Rashida Benali; suggesting the author was a Moroccan Dutch person (a woman in that case). Of these ‘Moroccan Dutch’ letters, only 19% led to invitations for job interviews.

The Dutch government has meanwhile admitted there is such discrimination.

4 thoughts on “Dutch bosses’ anti-immigrants discrimination

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