‘Greece, spend money on militarism, not on poor pensioners’, IMF dictates

Christine Lagarde of the IMF making Greece pay debts, cartoon

According to German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung yesterday, and Dutch NOS TV today, there almost was a compromise about Greek finances between the new Greek government, elected on an anti-austerity platform, and their pro-austerity creditor ‘troika’: the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The troika demanded that the lowest pensions in Greece, already cut to the bone and beyond the bone by the previous pro-austerity Greek government, should be cut once again to the starvation level of 300 euros a month. The new Greek government refused that.

Then, there was a compromise proposal. The poorest pensioners in Greece would not suffer more cuts. To keep the budget balanced there would be a smaller Greek military budget. Greek government military spending on German and French weapons is a major cause of the country’s economic problems. It is said that even European Commission boss Juncker, definitely pro-austerity and pro-militarist, agreed with that compromise.

However, then Ms Christine Lagarde‘s International Monetary Fund vetoed and wrecked the compromise proposal. According to Thatcherite neoconservative economic ideology, the main task of governments is preparing for wars and waging wars. And people like poor Greek pensioners can go to hell. Like the British conservative government of David Cameron always says on the one hand ‘There is no money’ for things which help people, the environnment, etc. But on the other hand spends many billions of pounds on Trident nuclear weapons.

So, there is still no agreement between the Greek government and the troika.

What depresses us is how little attention has been paid to one major area of Greek government spending that seems ripe for the ax: defense spending.  Greece spends a whopping 2.2% of GDP on defense, more than any NATO member-state save the United States and France.  Bringing Greece into line with the NATO average would alone achieve ¾ of what the IMF is demanding through pension cuts: here.

With Greece teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, crisis talks in Brussels collapsed Sunday after European Union (EU) and Greek officials failed to agree on what austerity measures Greece should adopt to obtain continued funding from the EU’s Greek bailout fund: here.

IMF admits: we failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece: here.

57 thoughts on “‘Greece, spend money on militarism, not on poor pensioners’, IMF dictates

  1. The IMF, World Bank, reserve bank and the rest of the financial syndicate are a legitimized criminal organization who at present control governments throughout the world who pay the political leaders to acquire power under the guise of democracy, the governments are to present to the public programs designed to save the public from impending evil at some cost such as militarism against those who are conspiring against us? this will cost the taxpayer money which will then become debt designed to enforce poverty upon a docile and cooperative public who are expected to do their duty and comply with authoritarianism for you to become a slave and be obedient.
    The constancy devise of schemes such as TTIP, it is hard to believe our leaders are only to willing to become pawns to the financial syndicates, they perform the act of prostitution with impunity, they are playing the part of the perfect actor and having to virtually believe in the lies they have to promote, some time playing this role the truth becomes so mingled that they no longer know who they are, language becomes so perverted that any meaning words and language becomes so obscure that inconsistencies are covered by what the advisers inform leaders to promote, such as Abbott unable to reply to questions such as payment to boat financiers of sums such as ten thousand dollars per person, how the payments are made as money paid out of the taxpayers coffers is unknown, and accounting becomes as a bottom of the harbor scheme.
    The finance industry needs money for the purpose of creating wars such as can be seen in places such as Syria, the indifference of these syndicates to poverty is apparent whilst the public as a majority are indifferent to the plight of those in extreme poverty that is designed to destroy the human spirit, the indifference to those in plight may well be on the doorstep of those who ignore this evil.


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  16. As for the defence budget, it seems that Mr Dijsselbloem takes people for idiots: the Netherlands is the 4th largest supplier of military equipment to Greece with contracts being executed even within the years of crisis (after 2010). Greece was forced by the Troika to honour the contracts for buying military equipment within the crisis even in cases where the equipment was overpriced and faulty (see the case of the purchase of faulty submarines from the German company HDW).



    • The Greek saga is so convoluted it is difficult to know how to interpret this situation one possibility is if Greece has been involved with corruption in its past here most likely the rich elite having escaped from Greece with their ill gotten wealth? to the now present situation of the IMF who are involved with dubious loans to a country that is known to be in trouble and their for culpable as a banking syndicate now being exploited by selling Greek Islands and land surmounts to a invasion of sovereignty and as such should be seen by the Greek people as a invasion and default on loans as being all part of organized crime, regardless of the ramifications such as increased austerity will be seen by many as a courageous act against a depraved organization and should accept what ever fro this act, I myself having been all part of austerity in Britain after WW2, people with empathy will go to Greece to help them as visitors to contribute to their economy, the Greeks will not starve to death as a result of a act of defiance.


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  47. Ex-minister’s appeal rejected

    GREECE: An appeals court upheld the conviction yesterday of former defence minister Akis Tsochadzopoulos on money-laundering charges linked to bribes for arms procurement contracts.

    The former Socialist Party (Pasok) minister was jailed for 20 years in 2013 but released on health grounds earlier this year.

    The court is due to announce sentences on Mr Tsochadzopoulos and 15 other defendants this week.



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