Why ISIS terrorism? Mark Fiore animated cartoon

This video from the USA says about itself:

Who Created ISIS?

8 June 2015

With the fall of Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria, fingers are pointing faster than you can say “Preemptive War.” John McCain thinks the crazy Islamic extremists of ISIS wouldn’t be causing the world all this trouble if only Obama hadn’t spent so much time worrying about global warming. Jeb Bush says Al Qaeda in Iraq was wiped out and ISIS didn’t exist when his dear ol’ brother was president. You can read more here.

11 thoughts on “Why ISIS terrorism? Mark Fiore animated cartoon

  1. Hussein was aligned to the Sunni’s? the ISIS is Sunni? extremists? the Sunnis were backed by the Americans at one time if they are a minority the Shia’s seem to have a bleak future? is the swing backing by the Allies in particular Israel subverting and dividing the religious communities to weaken and destroy itself? as is well known over two thousand military vihicle’s to ISIS a minority population, the delusion of what Mohamed said and its meanings as interpreted a major flaw unless as with other religions are all about dividing the meaning and stepping into power by those whom are the corrupt.


    • Saddam Hussein was indeed Sunni. But he was basically secular: one third of his bodyguard was Christian; his Minister of ‘Information’ was Shia; etc. Saddam was ‘extremist’ about getting dictatorial political power and keeping it for himself; not religiously. Being gay under Saddam was a problem only if one was both gay and a Saddam opponent; for the second reason. Then, one might get tortured horribly in Abu Ghraib jail. Similarly so for the few individuals then in Iraq who might have theocratic ideas slightly similar to al-Qaeda.

      While, after the Saddam dictatorship had been violently replaced by the George W Bush dictatorship, the situation for LGBTQ people became infinitely worse, often lethal:


      And now, under ISIS, which owes its rise to Bush’s 2003 invasion and bases its ideology on Bush’s Saudi royal allies’ state religion, LGBTQ people get horrible death penalties. Which Christians, Shia Muslims, etc. in ISIS areas may get as well.


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