Mice and shrews research in the Netherlands

This video, recorded in North America, says about itself:

The northern [short-tailed] shrew in the BBC’S Life of Mammals series. In this clip, a male hunts for food, wrestles with another male to establish dominance, and mates with a female. The female raises her offspring and leads them around the forest.

Today, the Dutch Mammal Society reports on research about mice and shrews in the Netherlands.

The research is based on small mammals’ remains in over 200,000 owl pellets.

They write (translated):

For 11 of the 17 ‘mice’ [and shrew] species is has now been scientifically established, based on owl pellets, where the species occur in the Netherlands and whether they are increasing or decreasing. Two species, the greater white-toothed shrew (Crocidura russula) and the bank vole have improved since 1995. The other 9 kinds of ‘mice’ are more or less stable in their distribution. For the other species there should be further research, so onward to the next 200,000 owl pellets!

The complete report is here.

Shrews in the Netherlands: here.

7 thoughts on “Mice and shrews research in the Netherlands

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