Solidarity with Greek people demonstration, Brussels, 21 June

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Ireland: Solidarity with the people of Greece

11 February 2015

Sinn Féin hold a solidarity rally outside the Dáil (Irish Parliament) to show their support for the people of Greece and the new SYRIZA government.

Translated from the Facebook page of the Belgian solidarity with the Greek people coalition:

Sunday 21 June, 13:30 to 17:00, Brussels central station

Call of the platform “Together with the Greeks”

Greece is the concrete proof that austerity policies and deterioration of the living conditions are not the solution. Six years of budget cuts without precedent, of declining investments in the public sector and a decline in wages have brought the country into chaos. The economy contracted by 25% compared to 2010, poverty increased astronomically, unemployment now stands at 26%, one young person in two has no job, public services and health care were dismantled

A change of course is essential. Continuing in the same way will only worsen inequality and unemployment in Greece. And the same danger threatens now for the other countries of the European Union (EU).

Therefore there should be priority for increasing employment by relaunching economic activity through public investments and a redistribution policy.

It is for this mission that the Greeks have elected a new government. To the EU, which does not want to respect their democratic vote, we have to show that we support the Greek people unconditionally, and that we resist those who always want to impose the same neoliberal recipes: more and more cuts, more unemployment, more inequality. Greece can only escape from the debt spiral by taking a new path, which includes fighting corruption and an unjust, unacceptable tax system.

Greece has the right to restore collective bargaining and employment regulations which were dismantled by the Troika. Greece has the right to take urgent social measures to combat poverty, and to stop privatization. Greece has the right, like all other nations of Europe, to organize an audit of the public debt and to demand the cancellation of illegitimate debts.

Against the blackmail by neoliberal institutions, we must express our solidarity with Greece, with the social movements, trade unions and the anti-fascist resistance, which show how progressive alternatives are desperately needed in Europe.

Yes, another way is possible, a way which benefits everyone, which leads to economic progress and social justice.

Various Belgian trade unions, political organisations, etc. support this.

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