Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam

From the organisers of the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands:

From 9 – 13 June, in the Rotterdam Schouwburg, you will be able to encounter poets that embrace the language of the streets, poets that create new languages in the space between existing ones, and poets that call for the end of creative writing altogether. There will be poets that try to keep their words awake, build a new Babel with their sentences, make contracts with clouds, mimic the migration of birds, or deem that Thursday’s child shall be called a liar. With pleasure I invite you to meet them at the opening of the 46th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam.

Reasons to be Cheerful!

Tuesday, 9 June, 8 p.m., in the Rotterdam Schouwburg

With 19 remarkable poets and numerous readings, lectures, master classes and craft talks, two prize ceremonies, the VPRO Academy, translation workshops, garden and roof readings, the Poetry Café, a new language & Art route through Rotterdam’s most noteworthy galleries, and a full film program, the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam celebrates poetry for the 46th time. Under the theme ‘Reasons to be Cheerful,’ the 19 guest poets will open the festival with joy-inspiring work that underscores the power of poetry. Their readings also will be interspersed with music and film that closely complement the poems.

Reserving tickets for ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ is simple, via the link below. But even if you can’t join us in Rotterdam, you can always experience the Poetry International Festival via our LIVESTREAM. All of the main readings will be livestreamed with subtitles in English, as well as available on-demand on our YouTube channel. Check the online program for more details. We look forward to greeting you on 9 June!

Yours sincerely,

Bas Kwakman,

Poetry International Rotterdam






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