Argentine grandmother rediscovers her grandson, stolen by dictatorship

‘I begged God not to let me die before I found him’: Estela Carlotto hugs her grandson Ignacio Montoya Carlotto, son of her daughter Laura, who ‘disappeared’ in 1977. Photograph: Leo La Valle/Getty

From weekly The Observer in Britain: A grandmother’s 36-year hunt for the child stolen by the Argentinian junta.

11 thoughts on “Argentine grandmother rediscovers her grandson, stolen by dictatorship

  1. Thursday 26th November 2015

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    JOURNALISTS in Argentina are protesting against their editor’s call for an amnesty for crimes committed during the country’s dirty war.

    Staff at the conservative La Nacion newspaper rebelled over Monday’s editorial, which sought to rewrite history and absolve those guilty of crimes against humanity.

    The opinion piece decried “the lies about the 1970s and the current violations of human rights” of individuals already found guilty or under investigation by the commission investigating the crimes.

    It complained that those convicted had been “hauled off to prison in spite of their age.”

    Tens of thousands of people were killed or made to disappear by the Argentinian Anti-communist Alliance (AAA) under the country’s US-backed military dictatorship from 1974 to 1983.

    Journalists at the paper and other titles belonging to owner Bartolomé Mitre rejected the opinions expressed in the editorial and called for the trials to continue.

    They said the article “in no way represents us,” adding that it equated “the victims of state terrorism and the acts of justice in cases of crimes against humanity with common prisoners, and punishment with a ‘culture of revenge.’

    “Workers of La Nacion say Yes to democracy, to the continuation of the trials for crimes against humanity, and No to forgetting.”

    The protest was welcomed by the Press Union of Buenos Aires and the Argentinian Association of Independent Cultural Magazines.

    The article was published just days after Republican Proposal leader Mauricio Macri defeated Front for Victory leader Daniel Scioli in a presidential election run-off, ending 12 years of left-wing government.

    Mr Macri is due to be sworn in on December 10.


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  3. Wednesday 2nd December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    A MAN was preparing to reunite with his mother yesterday almost 40 years after he was taken from her during Argentina’s dirty war.

    The infant Mario Bravo was stolen from his mother when she was imprisoned by Argentina’s military junta 38 years ago and given to a family of regime supporters to raise as their own.

    Mr Bravo, now a parent himself, took a DNA test in 2007 after he began to doubt his own identity.

    Earlier this year he contacted the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo organisation, which helps victims of the government’s child abductions and illegal adoptions policy.

    “They interviewed me and then started testing me on dates,” he said.

    The group was recently able to identify Mr Bravo’s real mother, whom he said he had already spoken to by phone.

    “I have talked these last few days to someone who has been reliving very difficult moments,” he said.

    “She told me she was released after two years in captivity on condition that she had to keep silent about what had happened.”

    Mr Bravo is the 119th person brought together with their real parents by the Grandmothers group. Many will never see their true mothers and fathers as they were murdered by the regime.

    The campaign is related to the famous Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo, which campaigns for the truth about the tens of thousands who were abducted, tortured and killed or disappeared following the 1976 military coup.


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