Biggest Dutch Arctic expedition ever

This 18 May 2015 Dutch video, with English subtitles, is about the biggest Dutch Arctic expedition ever, which will go to Edgeøya island in Svalbard in August this year.

Expedition leader Dr Maarten Loonen tells about it.

There will be fifty Arctic studies scientists in this expedition. And also others, like politician Stientje van Veldhoven, poet Ramsey Nasr and metereologist Peter Kuipers Munneke.

The expedition will study the ecology of, eg, reindeer.

See also here.

AND then there was light. As ice disappears from the Arctic, the waters below are changing – in ways that until now have mostly been overlooked. Light, once blocked by thick ice, is now penetrating deeper than ever before – and it will have a huge impact on Arctic ecosystem: here.

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