Honduran corrupt president, resign, people say

This video says about itself:

Honduras: Opposition Calls Protest over Government Corruption

13 May 2015

Local media in Honduras report direct government links to a corruption scandal in the country’s Social Security Institute. The political opposition headed by former President Manuel Zelaya has called for a demonstration in front of the National Congress to demand an immediate investigation of the robbery of the funds from the workers’ health system. The government, on the other hand, charges that the demands are part of an international plot to destabilize the government of Juan Hernandez and take him out of power. Gerardo Torres reports from Tegucigalpa for teleSUR.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Honduras: Protesters demand president resigns for embezzlement

3 June 2015

PROTESTERS will march to the United Nations office in Honduras on Friday to demand the president’s resignation for embezzling welfare funds.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez is implicated in an £80 million corruption scandal, with money from the social security fund being siphoned off to finance his right-wing National Party.

The scheme allegedly relied on mark-ups of more than 100 per cent on goods and services such as medicines and pensions, with kickbacks then being paid by businesses that benefited.

The National Party vociferously supported the 2009 coup against then president Manuel Zelaya, whose government had been forging links with the left-wing Alba bloc of Latin American countries, including Cuba and Venezuela.

The protests have grown in recent weeks from a few dozen people at a torchlit vigil to a march of thousands through the capital Tegucigalpa last Friday and similarly large protests in San Pedro Sula, Siguatepeque, Choluteca and Comayagua over the weekend.

Libre party former presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, who is married to Mr Zelaya, prominently attended the weekend demonstrations.

Speaking on Monday, activist Gabriela Blen said: “The social security case is the situation that has exasperated the Honduran people and that funds from social security would be used to finance political campaigns has been the catalyst for this movement.”

She said there was no direct link between the protests in Honduras and similar demonstrations in Guatemala but added: “Yes, of course, (they were) an inspiration.”

GUATEMALAN PRESIDENT STEPS DOWN AMID SCANDAL Being accused of bribery, fraud and illicit association can do that to you. [Alana Horowitz, HuffPost]

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