After banning long skirts, shorts banned for girls

Israeli girls protest in shorts at a school. Photo  Facebook / mafsikot

After banning women for not wearing high heels … after banning women from wearing miniskirts, and banning women from wearing maxiskirts, and banning women from wearing any type of skirts, and banning women from wearing trousers … now banning women from wearing shorts.

Long or short, repressive authorities will always find stupid ways to punish women for their clothes.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Girls of Israel want bare legs in the classroom

Today, 14:23

Schoolgirls in Israel think they should be allowed to sit in shorts in the classroom. Now in many schools only boys are allowed to wear shorts, but for the girls that is not accepted, write Israeli media.

In Israel it is around 30 degrees centigrade and therefore also the girls would prefer to wear shorts. Most schools prohibit it because they say that girls in shorts will supposedly be more often victims of sexual harassment or even of rape.

Many girls think that is nonsense and in recent days they went to school still wearing shorts. They tell Israeli newspapers they are sent home for that reason.

Call on minister

On social media similar messages appear from students from different cities in the country. The debate has also been noticed by members of the Knesset – Israel’s parliament.

Naftali Bennett, the Minister of Education, was asked to put an end to the discrimination. His ministry has only responded by saying that students and teachers should dress appropriately for school and that schools are allowed to have dress codes in collaboration with parents and students.

High school girls defy school ban on shorts. Teachers tell the girls that the discriminatory dress code protects them, but the girls believe this is a ‘blame the victim’ approach: here.

According to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, temperature has risen to forty degrees centigrade in Israel. The girls have called for a big demonstration on 16 June, at the Knesset building in Jerusalem.

Israeli journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer writes in Haaretz that if the girls would give in on this, then the next steps of the Israeli government, which includes ultra-orthodox politicians, might be mandatory covering of arms and hair for women.

As temperatures heat up, teenage girls across Canada are being kicked out of school for their summer attire. Between 20 and 30 girls in the Newfoundland and Labrador province were sent home at the end of last week for wearing sleeveless shirts that exposed their bra straps — leading some of them to complain that administrators are unfairly targeting girls who just want to dress comfortably: here.

Swedish woman banned from bus for wearing shorts: here.

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  14. Bonnie Peltier, a 47-year-old stay-at-home mother of two in Leland, North Carolina, was thrilled when her 4-year-old daughter got into Charter Day School, a publicly funded K-8 with a good reputation in her conservative small town. But she was taken aback at school orientation in the summer of 2015, when she learned that the charter school’s dress code prohibits girls from wearing pants or shorts as part of its standard uniform.

    Her daughter dislikes wearing skirts and dresses, Peltier told HuffPost. And Peltier didn’t understand why she’d have to force her child to wear clothes that make it harder to play freely, and are less warm when the weather gets chilly.

    To understand the school’s reasoning, Peltier emailed its founder, Baker Mitchell, a conservative entrepreneur who owns a company that manages four public charter schools in the state.

    In his reply, Mitchell said the dress code was about “chivalry” and claimed it helped instill traditional values, making for better manners and better-behaved children. A fairly standard response, at the outset. But then, he suggested that the dress code could help prevent school shootings.


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