15 thoughts on “Pentagon oil war in Nigeria?

  1. Nigeria government employees strike for outstanding wages

    Government employees went on strike at Cross Rivers State, Tuesday demanding payment of outstanding wages.

    The Joint Action Council (JAC) of the Labour Congress and Trades Union Council called out the civil servants after promises to pay wages were broken. The unpaid wages were committed to be paid before the Goodluck Jonathan administration was to leave office.

    Industrial action is also taking place in Osun State, Nigeria, over six months of outstanding wages. Workers were demanding payment of deductions for their contributory pension scheme and payment of pensions and gratuities. A spokesman for the state said that they would be paid as soon as economy improves.

    Nigeria school teachers strike

    Schools were closed as teachers took industrial action Monday in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Teachers were demanding implementation of promotions, a 100 percent housing allowance and 27.5 teaching allowance.

    Although the FCT Secondary Education Board promoted 689 teachers at the beginning of the strike, they said only “deserving” teachers would now be promoted. The FCT board’s response to wages and allowances was to redirect their housing claims and the salary increases to the Salaries and Wages Commission.



  2. Dear fellow progressive,

    We’re one step closer to stopping endless war!

    On Tuesday, the House appropriations committee passed my amendment to the FY2016 defense budget. The amendment emphasizes Congress’ “constitutional duty to debate and determine whether or not to authorize the use of military force,” a role Congress has not taken seriously in years.

    This is an important step forward. Now, let’s continue to fight. Sign my petition to tell Congress: Let’s make 2015 the year we repeal the AUMF and stop endless war.

    It’s way past time for Congress to reassert its role in war making. Right now, our fight against ISIL rages without any comment from the body tasked with authorizing war. We can’t let this war go on without a full and robust debate from Congress.

    And we still need to stop the current policy of endless war, once and for all. Will you join me in this fight? Sign my petition calling on Congress to make 2015 the year we repeal the AUMF and stop endless war.


    Glad to have you with me.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Lee
    Member of Congress


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