London solidarity with Turkish workers

This video says about itself:

Egyptian Independent Trade Unions solidarity message to Turkish workers

Message of solidarity with protesters in Turkey from the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions read out at a protest in London, 8 June 2013.

Read the full statement here.

Sacked SF leather workers demonstrate

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Solidarity picket outside designer store

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Turkish workers sacked for joining a union

LUXURY handbag designer Mulberry looked less fashionable yesterday as workers’ rights campaigners picketed the group’s flagship store in London in support of sacked trade unionists.

Members of the Solidarity with People of Turkey (Spot) campaign stood outside the brand’s Bond Street shop in solidarity with 14 workers at Turkish factory SF Leather, who were given the boot after attempting to unionise their workplace.

SF Leather, which produces goods for Mulberry, is said to be in breach of the British company’s Global Sourcing Principles for preventing access to trade union representation.

SPOT spokesman Oktay Sahbaz told the Star he came to central London because “over the past couple of months the working conditions and the pay situation of the leather workers in SF Leather were deteriorating.

“The workers were looking at ways of organising themselves, they were deciding to take trade union membership so that they can have collective bargaining, arguments and discussions with their employees.

“But this was seen as a threat by the bosses of SF Leather so what they decided to do was to stop people taking trade union membership, threatened them with the sack and have basically asked them to cancel their trade union membership.”

Additionally the 14 “leaders” of the movement in the factory were dismissed with immediate effect.

According to Mr Sahbaz, Mulberry was informed time and time again of the situation but replied only that it was “looking into the situation.”

A 70 day leather workers’ strike is currently ongoing at the Turkish factory, which has been surviving “without any social funds, without any proper support apart from their colleagues and their families and their friends,” he added.

Spot campaigners vowed to continue their pickets of Mulberry shops across the country until the situation is resolved.

A statement from the group read: “The demands are clear, the workers are calling for a reinstatement of their jobs and recognition of their trade union membership.

“Mulberry must address this and review its association with SF Leather as a matter of urgency.”

The fashion company failed to respond to requests for comment after several attempts by the Star.

3 thoughts on “London solidarity with Turkish workers

  1. Turkey: “Terror investigation” launched against striking auto workers

    A “terror investigation” has been launched against a number of workers who joined picket lines last month in protests demanding better pay from major auto companies in the province of Bursa.

    Last month, thousands of workers from major automakers such as Renault, Ford and Tofaş protested at their factories, demanding wage increases. The Renault strike lasted two weeks.

    According to a report Tuesday in the Hürriyet daily, “The investigation was opened by the Bursa Public Prosecutor’s Office under the guise of ‘aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation.’ ” The report did not specify which workers from which factories were under investigation.

    According to Cihan, “The Bursa Counterterrorism Unit subsequently summoned the workers, who were questioned as to why they walked off the job and whether or not they were intending to form a new labour union. One question referenced the outlawed Communist Workers’ Party of Turkey (TKİP), claiming that the party was present in all factories in Bursa, and sought to determine whether or not workers had information regarding the TKİP’s initiatives.”

    The automotive production industry accounts for a significant element of Turkey’s exports. The loss in production sustained during the strike played a major role in driving exports down 19 percent last month, while automotive exports slumped by 27.4 percent.


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