8 thoughts on “Ukrainians protest against rising prices

  1. Ukraine: Thousands protest price hikes of rightist government

    Protests are mounting against decisions by the NATO-backed regime in Kiev to drastically increase prices for energy, water, and other basic necessities. Protesters reportedly set up a mock gallows near government buildings in downtown Kiev last weekend.

    The right-wing government in Kiev is slashing spending on subsidies to basic goods to funnel the money to the Ukrainian regime’s international creditors and to boost military spending on the war against Russian-backed forces in east Ukraine. Consumer prices for basic necessities are skyrocketing.

    On May 1, hot and cold water prices rose by 71 percent. A month before, natural gas prices had increased by 285 percent, passing from just over 1,000 hryvnia (US$48.20) to over 4,000 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters of gas.

    On May 16, 5,000-strong march took place in Kiev to protest the price hikes.



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