SNP, stop Cameron’s fox hunting plans, petition

This video from Britain says about itself:

21 May 2015


There is no rational or logical reason to chase a fox until it is too exhausted to flee for it’s life. Getting thrills from seeing an innocent animal get ripped apart by hounds is absolutely barbaric.

There are 317,056 supporters so far, keep it going and share the petition to save foxes from this unnecessary torment.

From in Britain:

Important petition asking SNP NOT to abstain when the vote takes place on whether the UK’s hunting ban should be repealed

John Fitzgerald, Kilkenny, Ireland

May 17, 2015 — With the UK ban on cruel hunt practices under threat, here is a very important petition asking the Scottish National Party (SNP) NOT to abstain on any vote called by Prime Minister Cameron to overturn the blood sports ban in Britain.

The SNP MPs could make the difference between the ban remaining in force and the unthinkable return of fox hunting, hare coursing, and stag hunting to Britain. Please sign this here.

Foxhunting ban: scores of Conservatives will vote against repeal, minister predicts. Tracey Crouch, minister for sport, predicts that 30 to 40 Conservative MPs will help defeat attempts to repeal the hunting ban by either abstaining or voting against it: here.

10 thoughts on “SNP, stop Cameron’s fox hunting plans, petition

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  2. Cameron a well educated and cultured individual nevertheless if you are a primeval beast all the education and sophistication cannot resolve blood thirsty individuals how ever they attempt to dress and cover themselves in finery, here you see the one percent rich and what they stand for, vindictive cruelty.


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