British nuclear weapons whistleblower jailed

This video about Britain says about itself:

Trident nukes whistleblower: Weapons access easier than ‘most nightclubs’

18 May 2015

The Royal Navy has launched an investigation into whistleblower William McNeilly, who exposed horrid security lapses in UK’s Trident nuclear program.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Call for Trident investigation as whistleblower is locked up

Wednesday 20th May 2015

MILITARY police arrested a Royal Navy whistleblower yesterday who had gone absent without leave having exposed safety and security concerns about Trident.

Submarine technician William McNeilly, 25, went on the run after publishing an 18-page report listing a catalogue of alleged safety hazards and dangerous practices relating to Britain’s nuclear missile system and submarine fleet.

He said it amounted to “a disaster waiting happen.”

Mr McNeilly, from Belfast, has served on submarine HMS Victorious. He said the problems could cause a nuclear explosion either on underwater patrol or in docking at the four Trident submarines’ base at Faslane in Scotland.

Mr McNeilly’s report included the claim that crew members used a nuclear missile store as a gym and that test missile launches had failed. He also described security alarms being silenced and fires in missile compartments.

He said he raised the issues with seniors but was ignored. After Mr McNeilly surrendered to authorities on Monday night, the Ministry of Defence said he was being held at a military base in Scotland.

Kate Hudson, general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, called for Mr McNeilly’s allegations to be investigated.

She said: “William McNeilly warns that Cameron and others are presented with a slick show which is unrecognisable from the practice of operating Vanguard Class submarines. If this is true, and McNeilly has opened these slack and dangerous practices to the light of day, then he has done everyone a service and should be acknowledged as a whistleblower rather than vilified as a traitor or a crank.”

3 thoughts on “British nuclear weapons whistleblower jailed

  1. PEACE campaigners demonstrated in Leeds yesterday in solidarity with Trident whistleblower William McNeilly.

    Able Seaman McNeilly, who is currently in military custody in Scotland, handed himself in on Monday night after publishing an 18-page dossier exposing safety and security lapses and describing the Trident nuclear missile system as “a disaster waiting to happen.”

    A second whistleblower, former navy communications and information technology specialist Euan Bryson, has since spoken out to say that he too witnessed important security lapses.

    Yesterday, demonstrators in Leeds collected signatures on a petition urging Prime Minister David Cameron to pardon Able Seaman McNeilly for his actions, arguing that they were in the public interest.

    Adam Stacey, a student, said: “Right from the start of the nuclear weapons programme, there have been a series of near-misses and lucky escapes.

    “But our luck can’t hold out forever, and one serious blunder in relation to nuclear weapons could be absolutely catastrophic. The only real way to keep us all safe is to decommission Trident altogether.”

    Fellow demonstrator Dominic Linley said: “Trident isn’t just a threat to Britain’s supposed enemies but a genuine threat to everyone in this country — not just by making us into an aggressor nation and therefore a target, but through these sorts of accidents and security lapses.

    “We should not be even considering replacing such a dangerous and immoral weapon system, especially one so expensive and useless.”

    The demonstration was organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s Yorkshire region.


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