Sandwich tern webcam and research on Texel island

This 29 June 2014 video from Texel island in the Netherlands is providing 100 young Sandwich terns at Utopia nature reserve with colour rings for research.

Translated from on Texel in the Netherlands, with webcam link there:

Nature reserve Utopia

Since May 2015 there is a webcam in the Utopia area. The webcam is in the middle of the colony of Sandwich terns.

Through this webcam, you can also enjoy these beautiful birds while you are at home. Through this webcam also the behaviour and especially the food supply of these Sandwich terns is monitored. This is done by researchers of Imares.

Besides the Sandwich terns one can also see the common terns, Arctic terns and avocets.

Enjoy watching!

Latest news from the Sandwich tern colony

May 19, 2015: This morning Imares researchers put 10 small bowls in the colony. These bowls are among the many nests and in this way, the researchers hope to catch the droppings of the Sandwich terns. The dung is then collected weekly and analyzed. This way they can deduce from the dung which food remains there are still in it, so what the terns have eaten. Through visual observations (including via the webcam) it is seen that they bring different types of fish. But the terns also eat while on their way, flying, and that often remains invisible. So we know that they catch from the sea swimming worms and eat them, hopefully this is also confirmed by the investigation of the poo.

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