Honey buzzards returning from Africa

This video shows a honey buzzard, digging at a wasps’ nest.

Translated from the Dutch Sovon ornithologists:

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

On May 5, the first bird of the transmitter project ‘Honey Buzzards of the Kempenbroek‘ returned to our country. In the third week of April the birds left their wintering grounds in West Africa. The birds needed more time than usually for the journey due to bad weather over the Sahara and Europe. The coming period we will be able to see if and when the other birds will arrive with us. The Honey Buzzard, along with species such as Turtle Dove, Icterine Warbler, Marsh Warbler, Reed Warbler, Golden Oriole, and Red-backed Shrike is among the last species to return to us from Africa.

Meanwhile, more honey buzzards have arrived.

Dutch icterine warblers: here.

19 thoughts on “Honey buzzards returning from Africa

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