12 thoughts on “Pro-free speech London protest against Conservative government, 27 May

  1. From the USA:

    Fellow activist:

    On Wednesday, the House passed the USA Freedom Act, which reauthorizes portions of the Patriot Act through 2019. The Act was billed as a way to put limits on the Patriot Act, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough in protecting Americans’ civil liberties. That’s why I voted no.

    House progressives have proposed a real solution: The Surveillance State Repeal Act, which would do exactly as it says: Repeal the Patriot Act. This month, the Progressive Fund is teaming up with RootsAction to urge Congress to take action on ending mass surveillance by repealing the Patriot Act and passing the SSRA.

    Under the USA Freedom Act the NSA is still able to access Americans’ privileged phone conversations as long as they have a reasonable suspicion that those conversations are related to international terrorism. That’s an incredibly flimsy level of justification that can be easily abused.

    Congress should be considering legislation that truly protects Americans’ privacy, and this legislation does not go far enough. Sign our petition urging Congress to pass the Surveillance State Repeal Act and repeal the Patriot Act once and for all.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Lee


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  5. MANCHESTER People’s Assembly has led the way in offering free coach travel to London to attend the national anti-austerity demonstration, writes Alana MacAskill.

    A limited number of return tickets are available free on a first come, first served basis and then at up to £10 for students and low-waged workers, making the trip to the June 20 event possible for many Manchester residents.

    Nottingham People’s Assembly has followed suit, offering return travel for £13 and the option of funding someone else.

    See http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/end_austerity_now_transport.



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  10. Friday 20th November 2015

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    THE Tory Party has suspended the national committee of its youth wing en masse amid claims that complaints of “institutionalised bullying” were repeatedly ignored.

    The move follows claims by a former chairman of Conservative Future that he raised concerns with the party high command on numerous occasions but that the issue was “swept under the carpet.”

    Ben Howlett said he had raised concerns about what he described as “institutionalised bullying” with Conservative Campaign Headquarters over a period of years, but they were consistently ignored.

    Mr Howlett, who was elected MP for Bath at the general election in May, told BBC2’s Newsnight that there had been a “huge range of complaints” — including allegations of inappropriate advances to women activists.

    “It was unfortunately swept under the carpet in the big scheme of things, because the party didn’t want to end up having the general election result lost I can imagine, and you don’t want to talk about those kind of thing whilst an election is going on,” he said.

    The Tories also announced yesterday that a senior aide, Mark Clarke, who is facing complaints of bullying and inappropriate behaviour, has had his membership cancelled for life.

    Mr Clarke, who strongly denies the allegations, had previously been suspended following claims that he had bullied a young activist, Elliott Johnson, who subsequently committed suicide.

    Further allegations about Mr Clarke, who ran a campaign which mobilised young activists to lobby in marginalised constituencies, emerged over the weekend.

    In a statement, a Tory Party spokesman said: “The national committee of Conservative Future has been suspended further to a decision by the board of the Conservative Party.”



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