Blues singer B.B. King, RIP

This music video from the USA is called B.B. King & Band Live at B.B. King Blues Clubs Nashville & Memphis 2006.

From BuzzFeed News in the USA today:

Blues Legend B.B. King Dies At 89

B.B. King, the most recognized blues musician of the modern era, who defined the genre for nearly seven decades and inspired countless artists with his unique style of electric guitar play – earning him the nickname the “King of Blues” – died Thursday. He was 89.

King died in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. Thursday at his Las Vegas home, his attorney, Brent Bryson, told The Associated Press.

King announced on May 1 that he entered home hospice care at his Las Vegas residence, ending his legacy as a relentless touring artist. He performed at hundreds of shows a year well into his older age, always with his trademark Gibson guitar nicknamed “Lucille.”

King, an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, won 15 Grammy awards over his lifetime – more than any other blues musician. His “string-bending and vibrato” technique on the guitar earned him spots on several lists of the instrument’s greatest players of all time.

King was born Riley B. King in 1925 and as a boy worked on a sharecropping plantation in Itta Benna, Mississippi. “He toiled in cotton and corn fields, milked 20 cows a day (ten in the morning, ten at night) on Flake Cartledge’s farm. After those morning milkings, he walked some three miles to the one-room schoolhouse that was home to kindergarten through grade 12,” David McGee wrote in the biography B. B. King: There Is Always One More Time.

Growing up, King had several experiences with violence and racism. At one point, he said in a 2013 interview, he saw a young man “being drug up the streets over to the courthouse” in Lexington, Mississippi, where the man was lynched.

“I think it scared me more than anything else, because I was maybe a few years older than he was, so he was a boy, and I was scared after seeing them dragging him up the streets,” he said, adding, “I thought that just as had happened to that guy, it could happen to me.”

King’s first encounter with a guitar came at a young age, McGree wrote. The local revered from the Church of God in Christ brought his instrument to King’s home, and after King was caught touching it, the revere[n]d taught him the basics. After that, King taught himself how to play.

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2 thoughts on “Blues singer B.B. King, RIP

  1. HIGH-PROFILE tributes were paid to blues legend BB King yesterday after the musician died aged 89.

    Fellow musicians Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler paid tribute to the virtuoso electric guitarist.

    BB King’s lawyer Brent Bryson said the musician, who suffered from diabetes, died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas on May 14.


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