Libyan warlords kill, injure Turkish sailors

This video says about itself:

Anger in Ankara over bombing of Turkish ship off coast of Libya

11 May 2015

Ankara has slammed the bombing of a Turkish cargo ship off the coast of Libya as a “contemptible” attack.

In 2011, NATO countries including Turkey; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; etc. waged bloody war in Libya, supposedly to make it a ‘free’ ‘new Libya‘.

In that ‘new’ Libya, the bloodshed continued and continues. Eventually, there turned out to be at least two governments in Libya, fighting each other. One of these governments, in Tripoli, is supported by Turkey and Qatar. The other one, in Tobruk, is supported by Saudi Arabia and the Sisi military dictatorship in Egypt.

These rival sides kill each other’s soldiers, but especially many Libyan civilians. And also civilians from other countries.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Turkish cargo ship in Libya shot at

Today, 11:51

A Turkish freighter yesterday was fired on off the Libyan coast from land near the port city of Tobruk. When the ship was about to leave the area, it was attacked from the air, reports the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

On the ship, one sailor was killed and several crew members were injured. The Turkish government has submitted a formal protest to the Libyan government [the Tobruk government, supported by the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian regimes].

The ship approached according to Ankara in international waters the port of Tobruk when the shelling started. The ship was carrying plasterboard from Spain to Libya and was attacked 21 kilometers off the coast, says Turkey. …

In February, a Greek tanker was bombed by the Libyan Air Force [of the Tobruk government, supported by the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian regimes]. These bombs killed two crew members.

In February, Prime Minister al-Thini threatened that the government in Tobruk would sever ties with Turkey since the Turks are supplying weapons to the government in Tripoli. According to the prime minister Turkey wanted to ensure that the Libyans would massacre one another.

The European Union is preparing to bomb targets in Libya to stop migrants from attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. EU foreign policy coordinator Federica Mogherini is to brief the United Nations Security Council Monday on plans for a “Chapter VII” resolution that would give a UN green light for the use of force: here.

Two US war planes dropped multiple 500-pound laser-guided bombs on a farmhouse near the town of Ajdabiya, Libya, this weekend, a Libyan military official told the state-run LANA news outlet Monday: here.

6 thoughts on “Libyan warlords kill, injure Turkish sailors

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  2. Libya: Air transport strike forces flight cancellations

    The Libya Herald reported Tuesday: “In a rare if awkward sign that Libya is not completely split into two, airport handlers and airline caterers have gone on strike across the country, forcing delays and cancellations at Tripoli’s Mitiga and Misrata airports as well as at Labrak.”

    Workers in the General Union of Air Transport Workers (GUAT), along with staff at the Libyan Company for Ground Handling and the Libyan Company for Air Catering, say they have not been paid for two months and announced over a week ago that they would go on strike on May 25 if they were not paid.


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  5. GREECE: Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has expelled the Libyan ambassador over a treaty with Turkey that grants it sweeping economic exploitation rights in the Mediterranean.

    Greece, Cyprus and Egypt say the deal is illegal under international law and ignores their right to waters in between Turkey and Libya.

    The deal also involves security provisions allowing the Turkish military access to Libyan land, water and airspace, though the Tripoli government controls very little of the country beyond the capital.


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