Will British Conservatives bring back death by hanging?

This music video from the USA about hanging says about itself:

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

One of the first anti racism songs ever.

The song is about Ku Klux Klan racist lynch ‘justice’ by hanging.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Michael Gove – David Cameron’s new Justice Secretary – called for the return of hanging in 1998

Writing in The Times, he said Britain was wrong to abolish hanging in the 1960s

Matt Dathan

Sunday 10 May 2015

The new Justice Secretary Michael Gove once called for hanging to be brought back.

Writing in 1998 as a Times columnist, he said Britain was “wrong to abolish hanging” in the 1960s, when the death penalty was outlawed.

David Cameron put Mr Gove in charge of the Department for Justice as he started to appoint his new Conservative Government.

He claimed that banning the noose had “led to a corruption of our criminal justice system” and “the erosion of all our freedoms” rather than “a great liberal victory,” as it was seen at the time. …

Writing in The Times in July 1998, Mr Gove said: “Hanging may seem barbarous, but the greater barbarity lies in the slow abandonment of our common law traditions. …

In medieval common law traditions, people accused of so-called witchcraft, Judaism or other religious nonconformism were also burnt at the stake. Does Mr Gove want to bring burning people alive back for these ‘crimes’ as well?

Mr Gove returned to a front-line Cabinet position as Mr Cameron started to assemble his new Government. He was demoted from Education Secretary last year and replaced with Nicky Morgan in a bid to cool relations with teachers in the run up to the election.

He is likely to become just as unpopular with judges, prison officers and prosecutors as he was with teachers as he wields the axe over widespread cuts to the justice system, including a courts system that is the most expensive in Europe.

Justice is one of the unprotected departments and with the promise of five years of tax cuts and a £8 billion spending spree on the NHS, its budget is likely to be hit hard.

Prime Minister Cameron announced yesterday that Michael Gove is to be Justice Secretary in the new Tory government, replacing Chris Grayling who is now to be leader of the House of Commons. Gove’s appointment is a marked promotion from the position of chief whip, to which he had been demoted after his sacking as Education Secretary last year: here.

ACADEMICS have branded the Tories a “breed apart,” with research by Queen Mary University of London finding more than half of the party’s members support the death penalty: here.

MICHAEL Gove was urged to tread carefully yesterday after the new Conservative government announced that he will help scrap the Human Rights Act. Human rights organisations Reprieve and Amnesty International called on the new Justice Secretary to think about the devastating effects his new rules could wreak on the vulnerable.

MOST Tory ministers appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday are either millionaires or went to posh private schools.

THE Conservatives’ rabid agenda against the poor will be announced today during the Queen’s Speech, set to include much-dreaded attacks on workers’ and human rights. David Cameron’s new government will officially take power as it outlines new restrictions on industrial action and abolishing the Human Rights Act.

Yesterday’s Queen’s Speech laid out one of the most politically and socially reactionary legislative agendas ever undertaken by a British government: here.

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