Dear Kitty, song about Anne Frank

This 1 May 2015 music video from the Netherlands is called Dear Kitty, and is by the band MainStreet.

MainStreet are involved in the celebrations of the 5 May national holiday in the Netherlands (commemoration of 5 May 1945, when Adolf Hitler’s occupation forces in the Netherlands surrendered).

They wrote this song about Anne Frank and her diary (‘letters’ to ‘Dear Kitty’).

The lyrics are:

Dear Kitty, what have they done?
When so many lives are lost how can a war be won?
Dear Kitty, you showed the world
You made a dream come true when you told us about this girl
Dear Kitty
You kept al her secrets safe
Listening each day and while she sleeps
You’re the voice when she can’t speak

Dear Kitty, where do we go?
When you run from who you are and lose everyone you know
Dear Kitty, you lost a friend
But words can come alive so her story never ends
Dear Kitty
You kept al her secrets safe
Listening each day and while she sleeps
You’re the voice when she can’t speak

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