Black Lives Matter May Day for Freddie Grey

This video from the USA says about itself:

Black Power to Black Lives Matter: John Carlos in Seattle

24 January 2015

Black Power to Black Lives Matter: Community panel connects the current youth-led struggle of BLACK LIVES MATTER to the Black Power movement of the 1960s-1970s.


JOHN CARLOS: 1968 Olympic Bronze medalist who raised his black gloved fist in a statement of struggle and resistance on the medal stand and became a global icon in the fight against racism, co-author of “The John Carlos Story: The Sports Moment That Changed The World”, Black Power icon

ARETHA BASU: Community Activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, Women of Color for Systemic Change

JESSE HAGOPIAN: Member of SEE: Social Equality Educators, Advisor for the Garfield High School Black Student Union, editor and contributing author of “More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing”

GERALD HANKERSON: President of the Seattle-King County NAACP

MARISSA JENAE: Community Activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, Outside Agitators 206

DAVE ZIRIN: Host of Edge of Sports, co-author of “The John Carlos Story: The Sports Movement That Changed The World”, Sports writer for The Nation Magazine

Hosted by the Garfield H.S., Seattle, Black Student Union

Sponsored by the Seattle International Socialist Organization, Outside Agitators 206, Social Equality Educators, Women of Color for Systemic Change, Seattle Transit Riders Union, No New Jim Crow Coalition, Stand Against Foreclosures & Evictions (SAFE in Seattle).

From the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly in the USA:



National call to mobilize in cities across the U.S. and around the world for:


Every eight hours a police or vigilante murder occurs in the U.S against a person of color especially the youth!

We demand:








Facebook Event Page here.

Greetings sisters and brothers from the streets of Baltimore:

As we draft this appeal the city of Baltimore is being occupied by a regional mobilization of police and the National Guard. The mass outrage over the slaughter of Freddie Grey has grown from protest to resistance. Baltimore is the “new” Ferguson, and we need the intervention of all who have participated in the Black Lives Matter Movement on a national level and we need it now.

No police have been arrested for the murder of Freddie Grey.

No explanation for his death has been given except to say that it’s a “mystery!”

More than 300 people have been arrested for resistance – while the cops are still free and on paid leave.

We are calling on activists to turn this Friday, May 1st 2015, into BLACK LIVES MATTER MAY DAY.

We realize that May Day is just a few days away. However, if you can organize to take it to the streets, the highways and the bridges in the same way that you did last fall and winter, it would make a world of difference in the struggle for justice at this critical moment.

We applaud the longshore and warehouse workers union (ILWU) Local 10 in Oakland, Calif., as well as the longshore workers in Charleston, South Carolina for plans to shut the docks down on May Day in solidarity with struggle against racist police violence.

We believe that it’s important that the movement rise up again on May Day, International Workers Day. The young Black and Brown people who are being murdered by the police may not look like some dated stereotype of a worker, but they are part of the working class. You should not have to have a job or be in a union to qualify as being in the working class. It’s time to get beyond outmoded notions about who is and who is not in the working class. The truth is that the fastest growing demographic in the working class are unemployed or underemployed people of color, many of them undocumented migrant workers, women, LGBTQ people and those with disabilities. If the Black Lives Matter movement can rise up again this May Day, it might just be the beginning of something bigger; a game change that broadens the movement, as well as the way people think.

On Sat. May 2nd, we call upon all who are able to come to Baltimore. For more information, please go to the Peoples Power Assemblies Facebook page for updates.

The Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly needs funds to help cover the cost of flyers, posters, banners, signs, water and supplies. Every donation helps regardless of size. Please go here.

We thank you in advance!

Baltimore imposes bail bonds of half a million dollars in legal crackdown. Republican governor extends 24-hour detention-without-charge limit ‘to protect public safety’ while courts impose sky-high bail bonds for minor offences: here.

SUICIDE RATE FOR BLACK YOUTHS SKYROCKETS “The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, while the rate for white children has declined, a new study has found, an unusual pattern that seemed to suggest something troubling was happening among some of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.” [NYT]

13 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter May Day for Freddie Grey

  1. May days origins began in this country. The sad fact is,the holiday has been adopted by socialist countries. If you really want to honor this mans memory,grow some balls and push for a nationally recognized holiday. You can do it in a peaceful way too. You don’t need to be a bunch of chickenshits. Hide faces and throw rocks.


  2. Several hundred people have gathered in New York to protest the death of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man who was critically injured in police custody, and at least 60 people have been arrested.

    Protesters Wednesday first rallied in Manhattan’s Union Square, where they chanted “no justice, no peace” and “hands up, don’t shoot,” a reference to the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last year. Police officers stood and watched.

    A police helicopter hovered overhead, and a police loudspeaker warned the protesters that they would be arrested if they marched in the street.

    A group of protesters spilled into the street and disrupted traffic. Dozens of police officers moved in with plastic handcuffs and began making arrests while officers with batons pushed the crowd back onto the sidewalk.


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  5. A l’origine du 1er mai : Lucy Parsons, la veuve des martyrs de Chicago


    Peu avant sa pendaison, Albert écrivit à Lucy : « Tu es une femme du peuple, et je te confie au peuple… ». Le Congrès des Ouvriers Socialistes qui se tenait à Paris en 1889 déclara le 1er mai comme la journée internationale des Travailleurs et des Travailleuses. C’était en hommage aux cinq martyrs de Chicago. L’année suivante, cette journée fut commémorée pour la première fois. Lucy était déjà connue comme « La veuve mexicaine des martyrs de Chicago ».

    Lire le chapitre extrait du livre “Latines, belles et rebelles”, de l’écrivain et journaliste Hernando Calvo Ospina


  6. National Guard moved in. That’s something worry about. How did the song go?
    “Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,we’re finally on our own. This summer i hear the drumming,4 dead in Ohio “. Those of you that are old enough to remember will see the connection with the guard showing up. You wanna protest? Our founding fathers gave you that right. What they didn’t give you the right to was protest like savages. Out in the street blocking traffic,throwing rocks at cops (bunch of spoiled ass little girls). I know what senseless death. ’70 to early ’73 I was in southeast Asia. I would’ve been protesting the war too,but not in a violent fashion like the other idiots were doing. Bottom line a lot of y’all are still soaked behind the ears. I lost Unlcle Shaw and Cousin Mike before I went over. Aunt Mary couldn’t handle losing her husband and only child so she made her exit. Direct result of a war no one wanted. I lost a few of my people when I was in country. I know what senseless death means. What are y’all waiting for someone to die at a protest so you can have a martyr? There was a martyr in Nam. The man was a Buddhist Monk. If you run across a Buddhist,ask him about the monk. You’ll see the “true” definition of commitment. I can tell you right now, Dr. King is looking down on us all. He’s probably thinking,” this ain’t what I died for.” Remember what that man said. “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy,into a friend”. Tell you what. None of us should even have the right,to speak that mans name. Better part of y’all probably don’t remember Pol Pot from the evening news ( lot of y’all were still “daddy’s little squirt). Genocide is all you need to say about that asshole. How about Bosnia? I’m sorry. They were on the other side of the and they were not black . I have a man who works for me. He’s from Guatemala. He had to leave the country or end up taking a dirt nap. Genocide shows its ugly face again. The asshole running the show down there,don’t like Mayans. I’ve asked before ,what about the unarmed white man that was killed a while back? He was wanted for questioning in a shooting and robbery. Where the fuck were y’all at then? Where was Jesse Jacksons worthless ass at? Loss of a ” black life ” here. This is tragic. A family has lost a loved one. No Reason you can’t protest the unarmed white man being killed. Clearly human life is not the issue here. Y’all need grow the fuck up. You really wanna say you’re protesting a wrongful death. Try taking Dr. Kings route. Tell the little girls wearing the hoods and throwing rocks. Man the fuck up! You wanna throw rocks,show everyone who you are


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