Workers in Saudi Arabia trapped onder collapsed building

This video says about itself:

44 Tamil NRI Construction Workers Stranded in Saudi Arabia

31 March 2015

44 Indian Migrant Construction Workers of Tamil Nadu State Stranded in Saudi Arabia by Illegal Unregistered Recruiting Agent Mr.Prakash (Trichy) and Saudi Arabian Sponsors Al Shuaa Al Hamidi Al Ruwais Est and Al Hidada Co. Ltd.

Not only in Nepal now people, many of them dead or wounded, lie under collapsed buildings (collapsed mainly because poor people cannot afford homes which are strong enough for earthquakes). Nepal earthquake: what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor. ‘If we had money we would have built a strong house,’ says one woman who, like hundreds of thousands of others across Nepal, has been left homeless: here.

Not only in Yemen now people, many of them dead or wounded, lie under collapsed buildings (collapsed because the Saudi royal air force bombed their homes).

From AFP news agency:

27 April 2015 – 19H46

Over 50 workers trapped in Saudi building collapse: media

RIYADH – The collapse of a convention centre being built northwest of the Saudi capital left more than 50 workers trapped under rubble on Monday, official media said.

The collapse “happened at noon and resulted in more than 50 workers being trapped”, the Saudi Press Agency said, adding that four wounded were recovered from the building site for Qassim University.

Bandar al-Roshodi, the university spokesman, told Saudi television news channel Al-Ekhbariya that the workers were mostly from Pakistan.

“Until now we are searching,” he later told AFP.

The trapped workers were of “different nationalities,” Roshodi said. Asked about the chances of more survivors, he said: “We have hope, God willing.”

Pictures from the scene showed a sprawling but low-level construction site, where many steel support rods had collapsed along with other parts of the structure.

In the biggest shake-up in Saudi Arabia in many decades, King Salman, who assumed power only three months ago on the death of King Abdullah, has fired the crown prince and the foreign minister, moving figures more closely tied to Washington into top positions: here.

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