United States religious fundamentalist abuses Nepal disaster for bigotry

This video says about itself:

Nepal earthquake 2015 worst ever in 81 years

25 April 2015

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on Richter scale and a series of aftershocks struck Nepal on Saturday. The quakes also jolted parts of North and Northeast India. Widespread damage has been reported from Nepal.

Aftershocks hinder rescue efforts as Nepal quake death toll passes 2,500: here.

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — The death toll from Nepal’s earthquake rose to 3,218 on Monday, two days after the massive quake ripped across this Himalayan nation, leaving tens of thousands shell-shocked and sleeping in streets: here.

OVER 3,700 DEAD IN NEPAL EARTHQUAKE The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers attempt to reach secluded mountain villages after the devastating 7.8 earthquake Saturday. Check out these maps of the damage, as well as photos of Nepal’s landmarks before and after the earthquake. Footage was captured of the horrific avalanche that swept through a Mount Everest base camp after the quake, and dozens are still trapped on the mountain. [AP]

NEPAL DEATH TOLL COULD SURPASS 10,000 The death toll currently stands at 4,349. Take a look at this map of the horrific damage. [Reuters]

RESCUERS dug with their bare hands yesterday and bodies piled up in Nepal after an earthquake devastated the Kathmandu Valley on Saturday: here.

Nepal was made vulnerable by more than its violent geology, by Shaheen Chughtai. The country is crippled by poverty and poor infrastructure – when the long-feared earthquake hit, devastation was inevitable. The challenge of providing aid will be huge: here.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Nepal earthquake: US Pastor Tony Miano sparks outcry by suggesting Nepalis should not rebuild their ‘pagan shrines’

Self-styled US pastor has previously been accused of homphobia

Andrew Buncombe, New York

Sunday 26 April 2015

A former Los Angeles police officer and self-styled preacher, has sparked outcry by suggesting that Nepalis should not rebuild their “pagan shrines” and instead convert to Christianity.

Tony Miano, an outspoken conservative who has previously been accused of homophobia, triggered angry responses when he posted a series of messages on social media, expressing sympathy for the people struck by devastation in Nepal, but suggesting God was angry.

Tony Miano

Praying 4 the lost souls in Nepal. Praying not a single destroyed pagan temple will b rebuilt & the people will repent/receive Christ.

Santa Clarita, CA

Mr Miano, who is based in California, describes himself as an open air preacher. His website says he established the Cross Encounters Ministries to provide a platform for his preaching and evangelism.

Nepal, which has a population of around 28m people, is around 85 per cent Hindu. There is a significant population of Buddhists, followed by several other minority communities, including Muslim and Christian.

Following recent earthquakes in Nepal, the World Land Trust (WLT) has launched an emergency appeal for funds to assist anti-poaching measures in the Nepalese national parks. With the country’s security forces focused on humanitarian relief efforts, in the national parks endangered species such as tiger, rhino and elephant are unprotected and vulnerable to poaching: here.

10 thoughts on “United States religious fundamentalist abuses Nepal disaster for bigotry

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  6. Friday 20th November 2015

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    INDIA’S blockade of Nepal has led to an acute shortage of medicines, with 300 lorryloads of drugs stuck at the border.

    Indian border officials, claiming that protests against Nepal’s new secular republican constitution are putting drivers’ lives in danger, have for weeks prevented shipments of vital supplies from crossing the border.

    Long queues of goods lorries and fuel tankers are stuck at the border town of Raxaul, waiting to cross to Birgunj on the Nepalese side.

    The resulting fuel crisis has been partially alleviated by a supply deal with Nepal’s northern neighbour China, with supplies to be brought in via the Tibetan autonomous region.

    But with Nepal importing 60 per cent of its pharmaceuticals from India, supplies are now running low.

    Federation of Nepal Drugs Entrepreneurs vice-chairman Prakash Khandewal said: “More than 300 vehicles carrying medicines and medicinal raw materials have been stuck at Raxaul,” adding that temperature changes would damage them.

    Patients are forced to trek from one chemist’s to another in search of vital drugs.

    Nepal Medical Association general secretary Dr Mukti Ram Shrestha warned: “If the situation of shortages continues, patients could start dying after two weeks.”

    The constitution, passed by Nepal’s communist-dominated parliament, is opposed by Madhesi nationalists — who object to the division of their traditional homeland between two new states — and the monarchist Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP).

    Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli appointed RRP president Kamal Thapa as his deputy last month in a bid to end the crisis.



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  9. Thursday 14th December 2017

    COMMUNIST parties are set to win a landmark vote in Nepal’s first parliamentary elections for 18 years, according to latest results.

    The elections were held under the new constitution passed in 2015 which declared Nepal a federal state with three levels of government — federal, provincial and local.

    More than 15 million people were eligible to vote in the phased elections designed to decentralise power from Kathmandu to the newly created seven provinces and local government units.

    The Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) led by KP Oli joined forces with Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s Communist Party of Nepal — Maoist Centre in an electoral alliance for the provincial and parliamentary elections.

    Results released by the Election Commission on Tuesday showed the left alliance had won 113 seats in the national parliament while the ruling Nepali Congress managed to win just 21 seats.

    The remainder of the country’s 275 parliamentary seats are elected by proportional representation with the Nepali Congress expected to perform better. The left alliance, however, is set to form the next administration.

    Communists were also ahead in six out of the seven provincial assemblies with full results yet to be declared.

    The results are seen as bringing stability to Nepal which has experienced a change in government 10 times in as many years as it transforms from a Hindu monarchy to a secular democratic republic.

    The left alliance is perceived as closer to China than to Narendra Modi’s right-wing government in India.

    Mr Oli is expected to be named as prime minister. He served briefly as Nepal’s premier from October 2015 to August 2016, stepping down when the Maoists dropped out of a coalition government.

    Full results from Nepal’s mixed electoral system are expected in early January.



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