United States presidential elections, fads and money

This satirical animated video by Mark Fiore in the USA, about the United States presidential election, which involves lots of money, says about itself:

Candidate Kit

20 April 2015

It’s that time again, when people delve into a presidential candidate’s eating habits, transportation habits and hair styles. Never mind the policies, now is the time to talk about the nothingness of the very early stages of the campaign. You can read more here.

8 thoughts on “United States presidential elections, fads and money

  1. Here again nothingness rules? I have a ex who is a follower of Buddhism, she knows this is what she is looking for, Buddhistic ideology supports becoming nothing, myself I am and have been nothing to most who I have met throughout my life, you become nothingness if you are deemed lower class? I do not think I am nothing as I am always in a dynamic of being, or am on this planet in a Universe that appears infinite, it seems a mystical state of existence for me, I have no assumptions as to what is, although it seems doubtful that I can not assume what is? nevertheless the philosophy of non assumption becomes a useful tool of seeing what deceptions of what the other is, although I have sat at the feet of many gurus, I have for some time no longer participate in this activity, what becomes apparent is Locke, Jesus, Mohamed and Buddha becomes increasingly suspect as virtually all the great men and women have now become.


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