Irish basking shark videos

This 20 April 2015 video is called Basking Shark – GoPro – West Cork – Ireland.

From Breaking

Amazing underwater footage of basking shark off West Cork

24/04/2015 – 09:04:50

It seems you can’t move for basking sharks around our coast at the moment. Recently, we shared the video of a close encounter with one of the gentle giants off Dingle.

This video is called Kayaking Dingle with Basking Shark 16 April 2015, Irish Adventures.

And now there’s been another video uploaded to YouTube – this time off the coast of West Cork.

The guys who captured the footage were fishing out on the water when they noticed the basking shark. Using a GoPro camera, they managed to film the shark underwater, emerging from the shadows and swimming alongside their boat.

They estimated the shark to be six metres in length.

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