Cheetah cubs rescued from illegal pet trade

This video says about itself:

Cheetah Rescue in Ethiopia

24 April 2015

Three young cheetah arrived in April 2015 at Born Free Foundation’s Wildlife Rescue Centre in Ethiopia following a dramatic rescue mission pulled together by Born Free Ethiopia and partners at the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA).

Originally confiscated from illegal trade as cubs in the remote reaches of Somaliland, the three females were placed with Guenther Wirth of NGO German Agro Action. Over the years Guenther has taken charge of many confiscated animals in Somaliland, returning them to health prior to their relocation to Ensessakotteh, Born Free’s Rescue Centre west of Addis Ababa.

From Wildlife Extra:

Born Free Ethiopia’s new Country Representative, Dr Zelealem Tefera, who helped organise their hand over at the Ethiopia-Somaliland border explained ‘The illegal trade in cheetah is nothing short of alarming. East Africa is being stripped of their fragile population to line the traders’ pockets and supply the irrational demand for exotic pets in the Middle East. This is illegal, unsustainable and cruel. It has to stop’.

The cheetah cubs were snatched at a very young age from the wild and are very lucky to be alive. Up to 70 percent of these cubs are found dead during confiscations.

Meet the woman who is fighting to save Namibia’s endangered cheetahs: here.

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