5 thoughts on “British Labour party, Libya, refugees, nuclear weapons

  1. Leaders planning military strikes to destroy smugglers’ boats

    by Our Foreign Desk

    EUROPEAN Union leaders trumpeted their intention yesterday to triple funds for operations in the Mediterranean supposedly aimed at saving the lives of asylum-seekers.

    But in many ways the planned operation sounded as if it would be more military than humanitarian.

    EU border agency Frontex is to send its ships further into the Mediterranean.

    Spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud admitted yesterday that the area of operations “will have to be extended.”

    EU leaders had pledged on Thursday to double the size of Triton and triple its budget but had refused to allow it to concentrate on search and rescue work.

    As part of the military-based agreement, Britain will send a warship, three Merlin helicopters and two patrol boats.
    The 19,500-ton assault ship HMS Bulwark will arrive in the region within a week.

    Germany and France have pledged two ships, while other member states have also lined up vessels and helicopters.

    EU leaders also want to push for a UN resolution that would allow them to destroy vessels that might be used by traffickers before they attempt to smuggle migrants.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron plumped instinctively for the military option, saying: “What’s emerging is what we need — a comprehensive plan, going after the criminal gangs, going after the traffickers, going after the owners of the boats.”

    But forget compassion for refugees — Mr Cameron insisted that anyone picked up would be taken to Italy and would not be welcomed in Britain.

    The rise in funding to €9 million (£6.4m) a month is tacit acknowledgment by the EU nations that it was a mistake to scale down search and rescue in the Med last year.

    The EU decided to end the Italian navy’s Mare Nostrum operation — under which 27,000 square miles of sea was scoured for migrant boats.

    Instead, at a third of the cost, it set up Operation Triton, which was limited to 30 miles off the Italian coast and was primarily a policing operation.

    Around 1,800 migrants have died this year while trying to make the journey from North Africa to Europe after fleeing conflict in their homelands.

    This compared with fewer than 100 during the same period last year.



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