One step towards LGBTQ equality in Chile

This video from Venezuela about Chile says about itself:

14 April 2015

On Monday Chilean President Michele Bachelet signed a law legalizing civil unions for both straight and same-sex couples. The measure, initially proposed in 2003, is expected to benefit 2 million Chileans. Although the law falls short of authorizing same-sex marriage, it was nonetheless praised as a step forward by LGBT activists.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Chile: Civil unions recognised after Bachelet signs law

Wednesday 15th April 2015

PRESIDENT Michelle Bachelet signed into law a long-awaited Bill recognising civil unions for same-sex and opposite-sex couples on Monday.

“We are saying this is a concrete step forward in the path toward ending the differences between homosexual and heterosexual couples,” she said.

She added that she saw this as “a vindication of the struggle for sexual diversity rights.”

Ms Bachelet was joined at the ceremony by LGBT advocacy groups such as the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation that were praised by the president for their leadership and advocacy work.

“Today is a historic day for social diversity. For the first time the state recognises that there isn’t just one way to build a family,” said the movement.

Communist Party MP Karol Cariola tweeted: “With this law the country recognises the existence of families with same-sex parents.”

An estimated 2 million cohabiting couples may benefit from this new law.

See also here.

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